Lenovo TruScale Multi-Cloud with Deloitte
Turnkey acceleration of your cloud transformation strategy.
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Power the process of digital innovation

Lenovo TruScale Multi-cloud with Deloitte offers a turnkey hybrid cloud Platform-as-a-Service solution. Co-engineered by Lenovo and Deloitte, it delivers a full software-defined datacenter.

Deloitte’s best-in-breed Cloud Managed Services and OpenCloud technology together with Lenovo’s transparent pay-as-you-go approach ensures a smooth journey.

Explore the technical features

Learn more about TruScale Multi-cloud with Deloitte, and how it can help operationalize your environment to enhance speed and efficiency.


Simplify your cloud adoption strategy

Architecture compatible with most Cloud Service Provider technologies and on-premises legacy environments.


Maintain business agility

Control your budget by monitoring costs in real time.


Efficiently run mission-critical operations

Manage apps and data-intensive workloads that are sensitive to regulations, security, compliance and service performance levels.


Eliminate over-provisioning

Scale on demand to simplify forecasting and procurement planning.

Grupo OMX

Proof that less is more.

Grupo OMX is an IT services and solutions group operating in eight key verticals, serving clients in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, and the United States.

Working with a customer on an IT infrastructure modernization project, it became clear that the traditional way, by purchasing hardware, would require massive upfront and ongoing costs. Grupo OMX showed the customer that Lenovo TruScale – top-of-the-line hardware combined with a flexible pay-as-you-go commercial model – enabled substantial savings.

“Lenovo TruScale is proof that less is more. You don’t need to have a very large and fixed solution that you pay a lot for up front. Instead, you get a highly scalable platform, where you pay for what you need.”

General Manager, Grupo OMX Alberto Caballero Valdés.


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