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Classroom software that makes teaching and learning simpler

By empowering educators to do what they do best even better, you can help every child to make the most of their chance at education.

Lenovo classroom management software is designed to meet the real needs of students first. It helps to improve engagement by giving teachers more control over the environment, so that students can maintain focus on learning and achieving more.

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Empowering remote learning with LanSchool

Cut the distractions
Cut the distractions

It’s important that you make the most of the time you have with your students. Especially when teaching remotely. But with so many online distractions, curious young minds can go wondering. LanSchool helps keep lessons focussed on what’s important and helps you regain control.

Give students the attention they need
Give students the attention they need

Remote learning can make one-on-one support a little bit harder. Whether it’s because you can’t easily see when students are struggling, or they feel self-conscious asking for help. LanSchool helps you keep a closer eye on how your class is doing. And makes it easier to offer support.

Break down digital barriers
Break down digital barriers

Learning should be enjoyable. But doing it through a screen can leave some students feeling isolated. Or unable to join in with group activities. LanSchool makes collaborative learning fun, with a range of tools designed specifically to encourage relaxed, friendly group projects – just like in the classroom.

Keep students focussed
Keep students focussed

You know that even the most attentive students can have a lapse in judgement from time to time. And all they need is a nudge to get them back on track. LanSchool can help you remind your class about flat battery warnings and other potential disruptions easily. Without disturbing the flow of your lessons.

Get down to work faster
Get down to work faster

While it’s often easy to get everyone’s attention when you’re together in a room, it’s not always the case when you’re teaching remotely. Getting everyone to look at the same thing at the same time can easily eat into lesson time. LanSchool makes coaxing remote students to do this so much easier. So you can focus on your lesson plans instead.


Innovative solutions for the future of learning

Your #1 priority is to offer students an engaging digital learning experience. This webinar outlines how Lenovo hardware such as LanSchool can give you the power to easily control what students see, increasing their engagement in the classroom.


Waterbury Public Schools, Connecticut

When schools across the US switched to remote learning, this presented a challenge to district schools in Waterbury, Connecticut. They needed a cost-effective, forward-thinking strategy to equip classrooms and students with the technology for a successful remote learning programme.

Lenovo for schools

How Lenovo powers digital education

Explore Windows Devices
Explore Windows Devices
Reimagine learning with Windows

Your #1 priority is ensuring that every student is in the best position to succeed. Microsoft software empowers students and educators to learn effectively and collaboratively - wherever they’re based - with a Lenovo device.

Our Chromebook family
Our Chromebooks family
Flexible, robust and secure. That’s Chromebook.

Our Chromebooks are built to give students the best chance of success. With long-lasting batteries, built-in security, and rugged design, they handle the stresses of every day with ease.


“We’ve used LanSchool for years now and absolutely love it. It’s an invaluable tool for monitoring and assisting students while in IT rooms. From a technical point of view, it’s so easy to deploy and manage.”

Colin Dean, Network Manager, Ferndown Upper School, Dorset, UK


Achieve more, faster with LanSchool

Lenovo’s classroom management software gives teachers control over what pupils see and focus on. It maximises engagement and productivity, so they can help every pupil to be their best.

Better visibility

Thumbnail and full-screen monitoring means that teachers can see who’s doing what and who needs extra help.

More control for teachers

Send a message, blank screens and lock everyone’s keyboards in seconds to get attention and refocus the class.

Get everyone on the same (web) page

No more faffing around with URLs. Launch the same website on all pupils’ screens at the touch of a button.

Keep students safe

Control the websites pupils can and can’t access and use browsing alerts and reports to ensure safety.

Easy messaging

It’s easy to ask and receive questions and answer them – with the whole class or just  one on one.

A shared experience

Everyone can share screens, and teachers can pop theirs up as a resizable window so that pupils can watch and work.

More than 12m users worldwide rely on LanSchool to simplify and strengthen teaching and learning.

Products, solutions, and services

High standards in education need the technology to match. Discover our range of simple-yet-powerful devices to take learning beyond the classroom walls—safely. Chromebook users also get a free one-year subscription to LanSchool classroom management software. 


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