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i3i5i7 Intel Core Processors
i3i5i7 Intel Core Processors
Esports in universities

Esports in universities

Higher education providers across EMEA have been quick to spot the growth and educational opportunities of esports. Many have built esports studios, complete with gaming and broadcasting equipment. Others have gone even further, constructing arenas with giant screens broadcasting live games to hundreds of attendees. 

Universities are making these investments because esports are key to attracting and engaging students. 

In focus: the world’s first Esports BTEC

The Esports Level 3 BTEC from the British Esports Association and Pearson Edexcel teaches higher education students how to play, strategize and analyse games to a professional standard. The qualification also develops career skills like problem solving, communication, teamwork and self-confidence. 

Initially launched in the UK, the Esports BTEC has quickly been taken up by thousands of students in countries around the world. 

Initially launched in the UK, the Esports BTEC has quickly been taken up by thousands of students in countries around the world. 

2,000+ students

From Spain, UAE and the Dominican Republic are all enrolled.

More than 150 centres

Now approved worldwide, students in the Netherlands, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Argentina will also soon be taking the Esports BTEC. 

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How students benefit from higher education Esports programmes


Character Development

Esports help to build character and develop discipline, self-esteem, patience and sportsmanship. 

Customer Engagement

Teamwork and Leadership

Regular competitive gaming in teams helps students improve communication and leadership. 

Contact Tracing

Diversity and Inclusion

Esports allow students with physical disabilities to participate in rewarding activities and develop key life skills. 


Strategic Thinking

When playing intense and fast-paced real-time strategy games, students learn to adapt quickly to solve problems. 

Client Virtualization

Gateway to STEM

Esports reaches students in their own space, opening the door to discussing their passions and possible curriculum or career paths. 



An exciting esports programme can help schools stand out against the competition, potentially increasing enrolment numbers. 

With workstation you can create a new Generation lab and run multiple programs

“What we’re doing is preparing them for careers in the esports industry, which is growing exponentially around the world, as well as digital and creative STEM-based industries that span the world. We’re teaching them transferable skills for any pathway they choose.” 

Tom Dire – Head of Education Focus Group, Global Esports Generation 

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Exeter College Case Study

“This programme will give our young people huge employability opportunities” 

- Deputy Head of Faculty, Exeter College

Schools and colleges curious about esports may be put off by the fear of negative parent perception, costs, and the impact on studies. Exeter College and their ExE Academy seek to dispel those myths. Highlighting their recent collaboration with Lenovo, the college has detailed the impact esports has on students, their future careers, and the business community beyond the college grounds. 

Partner up with Lenovo


Together, we’ll assess your needs, goals, resources and ideas, and design your esports programme. 


Our professional gamers will talk you through the technical aspects of your esports programme, and help you set it up. 

Goal setting
Goal setting

Esports is much more than a game. We’ll work with you to establish long-term objectives, and track them over time. 

Explore the Legion range

Powerful devices, built for elite gaming

Our range of Legion devices are specially built for high-performance gaming, including laptops, desktops, monitors and accessories. Give your students access to the equipment they need to compete at a high level, with legendary reliability. 

Lenovo Legion 7 Laptop
Legion 7 Series Laptops

High-grade aluminium chassis, NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ Graphics, Corsair® iCUE RGB lighting, and more.

Lenovo Legion T5
Lenovo Legion T5

With up to 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i9 processors and NVIDIA®  GeForce®  graphics options in an enhanced 26L gaming tower. 

Legion Y25-25 Monitor
Legion Y25-25 Monitor

24.5-inch In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel, 240 Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time can provide a visual edge over the competition. 

Legion H500 Pro headset
Legion H500 Pro headset

Become immersed in media, with superb driverless sound. Stay engaged for hours, thanks to the ergonomic design of the ear cups. 

Legion M600 Wireless Gaming Mouse
Legion M600 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Dominate the latest titles with rapid response and ergonomic design. Our wireless gaming mouse sports rapid-charging and ultra-long battery life. 

Legion K500 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
Legion K500 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Enjoy consistent comfort when gaming. This mechanical Gaming Keyboard is full-sized and designed for regular use, comfort and simplicity. 

How Lenovo powers digital education

Explore Lenovo for universities
Lenovo for universities

Today’s students know learning isn’t limited to a campus or lecture hall – it’s personal. Whether a student decides to set up for the day in the library, cafeteria, or at the kitchen table—all that matters is that the work gets done. Universities need the right technology to deliver exceptional student experiences in any setting. Lenovo education solutions help universities stimulate creativity, encourage collaboration, and deliver the compute power today’s students need, with security as

Products, Solutions, and Services
Products, Solutions, and Services

For some students, finding a passion and turning it into a career can start with a game. Esports teaches students, parents, and teachers the power technology has to change a young person’s life. Lenovo has teamed up with big industry names to create a range of products, solutions, and services that support all ways of learning—from esports to conventional assignments and team projects.  

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