See all your Lenovo ThinkSmart devices,
at any time, from anywhere.

Now, monitoring your ThinkSmart devices is even easier

With ThinkSmart Manager, you can monitor, manage and troubleshoot all your connected devices from a single pane of glass.

Check current status, add new devices, and new users. View all active users, check for updates, and restart a device. You can even delete a device no longer in use.

ThinkSmart Manager automatically detects issues. You get immediate, real-time notifications on critical issues, even before users can report them. And with detailed information on your Room Issues Summary and Software Update Status, you’re in control, everywhere.


Find the plan that’s right for your organization

ThinkSmart Manager Basic is included with all new and legacy ThinkSmart Devices. It will help you boost IT Ops efficiency, while ensuring that users enjoy improved productivity, communication, and collaboration.

ThinkSmart Manager Premium builds on Basic’s capability, but goes further, adding innovative services and features. Premium is included as standard for free with the purchase of ThinkSmart products. Plans can be ordered separately.

ThinkSmart Manager Premium with Intel vPro®

With Intel vPro® in ThinkSmart Manager, you can connect and control any device without having to be in the same room – or even on the same continent.

Intel vPro® is automatically enabled for the Owner or Admin roles on devices with a Premium license subscription.



Do more with less

The Intel vPro® platform provides a unique set of cutting-edge PC technologies to help IT departments do more with less. Developed with business-centered features like stability, performance, security, and remote PC management technology at the forefront, the Intel vPro® platform gives your business what it needs to thrive and goes to work right out of the box.



Supporting the new way forward

Nine in 10 employees want flexibility in where and when they work. 39% would consider leaving their job if that flexibility were not offered.

Of all the ways IT teams need to support employees working from anywhere, ensuring effective collaboration solutions are available can be one of the most challenging.

Take a look at three ways IT teams can simplify the support of hybrid collaboration solutions in hybrid enterprise setting.


See more collaboration solutions

Making sure that teams can stay connected in a hybrid working environment is vital for success in the modern workplace. Find out more about how our Smart Collaboration portfolio can enhance your productivity and workflow efficiency.


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