Technology-Enabled Healthcare to Drive Quality and Affordability

Healthcare CEOs strive to balance quality, affordability, and patient access against financial performance. IT is key in implementing infrastructure that optimizes the delivery of quality healthcare.

Leveraging IoT to Deliver Better Patient Care

Internet of Things (IoT) technology has the potential to significantly increase patient engagement and satisfaction as well as improve how physicians deliver care. From remote monitoring to medical device integration, exciting new sources of accurate patient data are available. Healthcare IT must equip staff with devices that securely accesses patient data—providing clinicians insights that improve care.

Integrating with Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems

EHR systems and the endpoint devices staff use to securely access and input patient health data are the foundation of a secure medical intelligence infrastructure. Organizations seeking to optimize their EHR systems need devices that are secure, easy-to-use, and light weight with the processing power to adapt to future needs.

Increasing Efficiency with Mobile and Remote Diagnosis

Today, patients exceed providers, making clinician productivity critical. Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) improve efficiency by connecting clinicians to near-instantaneous diagnostic images from radiology to oncology. Powerful PCs that rapidly render high-resolution images speeds diagnosis.

Managing Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Many health systems suffer from an aging infrastructure and limited resources—complicating the implementation of technology-enabled healthcare. Equipping staff with the right endpoint devices is but a starting point. To effectively digitally transform your organization, IT must make future-ready technology investments, manage data and information interoperability, and secure patient data.

Technology-Enabled Healthcare to Drive Quality and Affordability

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