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Large Enterprise Cyber & Data Security Platform: Thinkshield


Each day, cybercriminals discover a new way to steal your data. And they're coming for your company's information, customers, and revenue. With every security breach, there's a lot at stake: millions of dollars, your organization's reputation, and even your job   2.6B
Record stolen in 2017

lost in a single date

ransomware attack


You’re being attacked from every angle.
Shield your company.

ThinkShield by Lenovo is the most comprehensive endpoint security suite for the business on the market today. From vetted suppliers and robust device features to innovative network solutions, Lenovo is committed to protect you from the bad guys.

ThinkPad PrivacyGuard

ThinkPad PrivacyGuard

Integrated screen filter with gaze detection to prevent shoulder surfing

Keep your drive4  service

Absolute ® Persistence

Technology to help IT admins secure endpoints and respond to security incidents

Trusted Service Providers

Trusted service providers

To ensure system, equipment, and data security during repair and service

Keep Your Drive Services

Keep your Drive4 service

So you have full control over your business dta at end of life

Who’s looking over your shoulder?

Even without physical or online access to your device thieves can get your data by shoulder surfing

ThinkShield has your back

Combined with the integrated ePrivacy filter, our innovative ThinkPad PrivacyGuard notifies the user if someone is detected in the background. And the glance presence detection feature senses if the user is away and locks the system

You data is at risk more than ever. This is no time to compromise. With ThinkShield by Lenovo, you won’t have to.