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Next-generation workforce

By 2030, 74% of the workforce will be Gen Z or Millennial — see how technology drives them.1


Millennials inspired digital disruption, motivating the generations born before them to adopt technology. And as they step into leadership roles at work, they are listening closely to Generation Z, the original digital natives.2,3

During this decade, the workforce will transition to the next generation — with Millennials (born between 1981 and 1996) and Generation Z (born between 1997 and 2012) representing 74% of the workforce.1,4

Affectionately known as “Zoomers,” Gen Z is beginning to enter the workforce. They are the most diverse and highly educated generation in history. Social media gave this generation a voice, and they aren’t afraid to speak the truth. They’re the original digital natives, and they have elevated expectations when it comes to technology at work. After all, they only know a world with smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming stations, and Wi-Fi.5

Millennial leaders hear what Zoomers are saying and are driving change from within the industry, paving the way forward for the next generation of IT consumers and professionals.

What drives the next-generation workforce?

The next generation uses a moral compass to make decisions. Their personal values and expectations influence what they buy and where they work. They don’t just work for a paycheck; they value social responsibility, care about sustainability — and are passionate about technology.6

In fact, technology defines their work experience. 32% of younger workers say they left a job due to technology. And about half of next-gen employees say they’re likely to leave their job due to frustration with the technology they use at work.7

What does the next generation expect at work?

The next generation is all about experiences and choices. And even in the digital era, younger workers want face-to-face interaction in certain situations. For example, three out of four younger workers prefer to receive feedback from their manager in person. And 39% prefer to communicate with their team members in person, while 16% prefer to text and 9% use email.8

Most younger workers want the flexibility to choose when, where, and how they work. And, according to a study by Forrester,9 they want more computing options and autonomy to choose the devices, apps, and software they use:

  • Software. The next generation wants to control security settings on their devices and choose the software and applications they need to work most productively.
  • Productivity tools. Email and spreadsheets are used, but applications like virtual assistants, instant messaging, and design and drawing tools are used more often by the next generation. They also rely more on applications like voice recognition and enjoy technology with augmented and virtual reality.
  • Hardware. Younger workers like to choose devices that enable them to work anywhere. They value mobility and expect devices at work to compare to the devices they use at home.

Different users have unique technology needs. However, most hybrid workers have higher expectations for hardware performance, and many want a device that is portable and enables them to work anywhere with long battery life, faster processing speeds, and an immersive collaboration experience.10

Preparing for the next-gen workforce

Technology plays an integral role in shaping the hybrid work experience. And the next-gen workforce has more experience using technology than any prior generation. This work-ready generation values the flexibility of the work-from-anywhere era. Ensuring they have the tools they want creates an advantage — not only with productivity, but also by attracting the best talent from this emerging group of future knowledge workers.

Ready for what’s next?

The torch is being passed to the next generation of workers and leaders. This growing labor force is ready to leave their mark in a work-from-anywhere world. Does your organization have the tools they expect?

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