Lenovo Cloud Marketplace

Lenovo Cloud Marketplace

A new Cloud Service Providers (CSP) Managed Services turnkey selling program from Microsoft and Lenovo

Introducing Cloud Marketplace

Smarter selling with an all-in-one cloud-based platform

We all know devices are only part of the smarter technology equation. That's why Microsoft and Lenovo developed the Cloud Marketplace—to help our business partners empower today’s modern IT workplace. This increasingly mobile, decentralized, security-conscious work environment needs your support to thrive. And with the shift toward "everything-as-a-service," there’s no better value-add than Lenovo Managed Services.

Introducing Cloud Marketplace

The Cloud Marketplace Advantage

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Microsoft Tenant Onboarding

- Automated or assisted on microsoft.com domain assignment
- Help customers add their own domain via Microsoft Online Portal

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License Management

- Add or remove users
- Assign user accounts to available licenses

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Microsoft Cloud Migration

- Configure Exchange Online and migrate customer mailbox
- Migrate customer files and folders to OneDrive or SharePoint

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Issue Resolution

- 24x7 Level 1 support via Phone / Email / Chat
- Priority resolution for email access, Teams, OneDrive, and other applications

Co-selling Mastered

Co-selling Mastered

Easy to sell manage

Cloud Marketplace gives you a deep portfolio of Managed Services that are highly profitable and easy-to-sell. White-labeled, these services position you as a one-stop shop for all things Lenovo and Microsoft 365 licenses. What are the advantages of this flexible co-selling opportunity? Take a look.


Help Business Customers Do More with Less

Why selling Lenovo Managed Services is a win-win

Shifting everyday IT services to a third party is nothing new. As the OEM, choosing Lenovo is the logical choice to deliver services for configuration, deployments, support, security, and more. What’s the point? Your customers get more out of their technology investment. And you get recurring revenue with outsourced services, so you can spend more doing what you love—selling smarter technology. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Inserting Lenovo Managed Services into your sales conversations positions your business as a one-stop-shop for all things Lenovo and Microsoft 365.
  • The incentive structure for CSP includes a lucrative tiered program, upfront discounts, additional hardware rebates, Lenovo credit lines, and free training.
  • Lenovo manages service delivery, so you spend less time servicing accounts and more time selling.



Why Become a CSP
Provide Great Customer Experience (CX)

Provide Great Customer Experience (CX). Earn More.

Become a Cloud Service Provider to create an ongoing revenue stream

Customer experience is the new currency—and Cloud Marketplace for Cloud Service Providers puts you in an enviable position. Studies show customers value excellent service more than products or price. And, that satisfied customers are more likely to upgrade or add services and less likely to cancel. Adding Lenovo Managed Services takes your product offerings to the next level—arming you with the Lenovo solutions your clients want, need, and are willing to pay a premium for.

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