Lenovo and Google ChromeOS
Smart and secure business solutions for the modern workplace

Drive employee experience in the cloud

Let’s face it: legacy devices are just a financial black hole. Expensive to maintain, they only slow you and your team down. It’s time to leave the old engine behind.

Lenovo devices with Google ChromeOS free you from costly and vulnerable systems that simply can’t keep up. Plus, they deploy up to 63% faster and run with business grade security, so you can give your employees a more agile, secure experience wherever they work.

No ransomware attacks – ever

Move away from outdated technology that lacks security and drains budgets. With Google ChromeOS, you can enhance your team’s productivity with high-performance devices that boot up fast and don’t slow (you) down over time.

Data encryption comes built-in and read-only OS makes system files inaccessible to ransomware by keeping them separate. If under attack and compromised, Verified Boot automatically reverts to a previous OS version.

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reported ransomware attacks on ChromeOS devices


lower three-year cost of operations


higher productivity, faster reboots

Why not give it a try today?

Get a Chrome Enterprise Upgrade 30-day free trial. Discover what secure and simple device management is really like.

Your workforce calls for powerful technology

From improved hardware performance, to enhanced software capabilities and built-in cloud-based security, the Lenovo and ChromeOS Solution Ecosystem gives employees an end-to-end user experience that’s fast, secure and quick to deploy – driving your business to the top.

Kiosk & Signage

Transform your legacy signage

Customers want easy-to-understand (and use) self-service solutions. But old systems can’t keep up and maintenance costs are getting higher. ChromeOS for Kiosk & Signage can easily integrate with existing hardware, saving time, money and frustration. The built-in security and single cloud-based console makes device monitoring easier, with remote access for quick troubleshooting.

Contact Centers

Create a productive agent experience

Great customer experience starts with agents. Yours need the tools to make their job easier and quicker. ChromeOS for Contact Centers provides them with simplified ticketing systems and integrations with leading CRM tools, resulting in faster deployment of customer profiles and built-in Titan C security chip for data protection.


Run applications – even offline.

A dynamic workforce needs dynamic tools. Chromebook Enterprise accelerates virtualization by enhancing end-user capabilities. Parallel Desktops for ChromeOS, for example, run full-featured Windows applications directly on Chrome Enterprise, even offline. And by leveraging Google’s advanced security, you can simplify IT management while empowering the end user.

Google Workspace

Keep your team connected

There is no work from anywhere without collaboration from anywhere. Google Workspace allows teams of any size, from any place and any device, to seamlessly integrate everything they do. Stay on top of tasks, connect with your clients, share documents – all while being protected by built-in security, reliability and the cloud infrastructure you need to keep devices safe, wherever they are.

Businesses are moving fast: move faster

The powerful new ThinkCentre M60q Chromebox Enterprise* adapts to your evolving needs, with up to i5 12th Gen Intel® processors and easily manageable cloud-based ChromeOS computing. It also features mountable option and the possibility to expand the workspace with up to 4 displays to support intense tasks. The automatic updates are kept in the background, to keep you secure without downtime.


Bank on performance

High-performance computing power meets ThinkShield’s end-to-end security to accommodate data-heavy workloads of financial services while keeping it safe.


Enhance the healthcare experience

Intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces to keep patients at ease, and quick sign-in with SSO and tap-and-go solutions to save practitioner precious time.


Never miss a sale

Worry-free manageability on the shop floor and behind the scenes with zero-touch deployment, seamless remote updates from the cloud and MIL-SPEC hardware tested durability.

Ramp up productivity everywhere they go

Designed to meet the needs of the cloud workforce in finance, healthcare, government, and more, the 14’’ ThinkPad C14 Chromebook Enterprise combines the durability of a Lenovo device with the added security of Chrome Enterprise. Slim and easy to carry for work on-the-go, it automatically updates and protects you against evolving threats.


Your workforce calls for powerful technology

Lenovo USB-C 7-in-1 Hub

One-stop travel docking is finally here. Enjoy limitless productivity and expandability with this sleek and compact accessory.

usb mouse
Lenovo Essential USB Mouse

Featuring an easy plug-and-play connection to PCs, the ergonomic full-size design provides comfortable grip for all day comfort.

Lenovo 100 Stereo USB Headset

The perfect blend of on-ear business-ready stereo USB headset with rotatable boom microphone and passive noise cancellation.

A better meeting in one box

Keep ideas and communications flowing with innovative technology. Google Meet Series One room kits from Lenovo are available in four solution options, all of them ready to go out of the box. TrueVoice advanced noise cancellation and a 4K AI camera give you a seamless experience without distractions.


Immersive technology


Easy setup and management


Fits every space

Equipped for the future

The Lenovo and ChromeOS Solution Ecosystem empowers cloud workers with easy device deployment and protection from the start – while also thinking about your future, with as a service option that scales with you.

Lenovo Lifecycle Services

Choose Lenovo and get protection and performance for your device’s entire life through warranty upgrades and premium support.

ChromeOS Zero-Touch Enrollment

Get your workforce ready faster with a device that only needs connecting to be up and running and hardware-backed attestation to prevent spoofing attacks.

Lenovo TruScale

Everything-as-a-service that’s designed to meet your changing technology needs without compromising on power or flexibility.

Meet your new top performers

ThinkCentre M60q Chromebox Enterprise
ThinkCentre M60q Chromebox Enterprise

Compact yet adaptable, scalable and powerful enough to glide through your company’s most demanding tasks, this is a timesaving, deadline-beating powerhouse of a desktop.

ThinkPad C14 Chromebook Enterprise (14” Intel) Laptop

Make no compromise between power and portability with this work-from-anywhere workhorse. A slim form factor, automatic security and superb connectivity make for a productive life on the move.

Ready, set – go.

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*Can also be purchased as a Chromebox without the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade.