Move your IT team past the endpoint
One centralized platform to manage all devices: a step towards the ultimate work habitat.

Take the hybrid working headache away

There’s more to an empowering work environment than just devices. It’s also optimized cloud initiatives, vigilant security, effective IT management to name a few.

Lenovo Managed Endpoint puts all this right in your hands.

We’ll help you create a work habitat designed to maximize performance and minimize disruption. By bringing all laptops, PCs and smart devices under one centralized platform, your endpoints remain updated and secure.


The work habitat is changing


increase in ‘bring your own device’ usage1


devices per employee on average2


Optimize your endpoints, empower your people.

Ensuring your workforce is performing at its peak is the top priority for businesses right now. But to increase efficiency and user satisfaction, you need the right tools and applications first.

Optimizing your endpoints with one centralized platform means your IT team finally gets to focus on business-critical tasks, while offering your end users a greater experience, powered by AI and machine intelligence.

Good tech defines good business


of employees say software malfunctions disrupted their work2

Transform the way devices are kept up to date and secure

In the tech world, adaptations for survival should be both structural and behavioral. That means setting up your business with the best tools to cut downtime and help your workforce excel at their job.

A woman in glasses works at a computer
Enhance productivity

Peak performance comes from top devices that are ready to always go, everywhere. While IT teams are expected to make sure this happens, they’re too under-resourced and overstretched to keep doing it for much longer.

Enter Lenovo Managed Endpoint. This management solution frees up your IT team, while giving you even more visibility of your endpoints and improving productivity. It features LDI Plus to predict time-consuming errors; it oversees device configuration and software distribution to make sure employees have the right tools for the right job, at all times.

Several people are working on a laptop in the open space office
Increase flexibility

No more number crunching or budget restrictions to withhold you from growth. Know exactly what you’re paying and when, with a suite of flexible payment options available for every device.

  • Bring your own devices (BYOD) model for employees who want to use what they already have.
  • Device and operating system agnostic, including iOS, iPadOS, MacOS, Windows and Android.
  • Lenovo TruScale DaaS is the most flexible payment option on the market to give you the easiest way to size up and down with your needs.
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Choose a trusted partner

Get peace of mind Lenovo has your back. By enforcing regular updates of security policies, you can trust us to be your second pair of eyes on process control.

We offer:

  • Intelligent device management with full solutions for end-to-end device lifecycle.
  • A focus on people and solutions, not technology.
  • A focus on the end user experience and needs.
  • An investment in next-generation DWS services as a strategic initiative.

Power up your IT with AI

Lenovo Device Intelligence Plus delivers in-depth device and business insights to improve end-user experience and drive productivity across the whole business.


We can help you move to the modern workplace

Not yet in the cloud? Don’t worry, our experts can help manage your set up and migration from on-premises to cloud-based Managed Endpoint first with Lenovo Endpoint Migration.

Employee experience has never been more critical

Remote working has opened new opportunities for employees. To make sure they get the best experience, businesses are focusing on enhancing their technology and offerings.

Lenovo Managed Endpoint is part of the wider Lenovo Digital Workplace Solutions. Powered by AI, they give you the tools to help you boost employee satisfaction and productivity.


Are you ready to make a difference in your team’s productivity?

Want to find out more about how Lenovo Managed Endpoint can help transform your business? Talk to your Lenovo representative today.

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1   Zippia Research /Published 17th October 2022

2   Gartner 9 Future of Work Trends for 2023