Powering Hybrid & Remote Collaboration Workflows

with NVIDIA Omniverse™ Enterprise


Empowering Distributed Workforces with Maximum Productivity

As workflows get more complex, software stack complexities increase and workforces become more dispersed, it is important to understand how your new normal will impact business productivity.

Work is what you do, no longer where you go. Businesses across all industries need to transition to a hybrid, dynamic, high-performance workforce that can dynamically shift and support a wide variety of end customer project scenarios, both onsite, offsite and at scale.

Smarter Creates Digital Twins

Predator Cycling is a manufacturer and designer of high-end custom carbon fiber bicycles, built for cycling enthusiasts and expert-level cyclists. Using the Lenovo ThinkStation and ThinkSystem portfolios, they are adopting NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise to scale across diverse teams to create 1:1 digital twins of their products, which is significantly improving their workflows.

Smarter Innovates Production

Ars Thanea is a key production division of WPP, one of the largest marketing organizations in the world. Learn how they are using cutting edge technologies from Lenovo Workstations and NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise to connect the work they do as it continues to become increasingly more virtual.



Omniverse Enterprise Key Technologies



NVIDIA Omniverse Nucleus works on a local machine, on premises, or in the cloud. Nucleus opens the portals that allow content-creation software tools to connect to the Omniverse platform and save USD (Pixar’s Universal Scene Description - USD) and NVIDIA’s open-source MDL content (Material Definition Language – MDL). With Omniverse, users continue to work in their favorite industry software applications and leverage the Omniverse platform to enable remote end to end collaboration. NVIDIA Omniverse Nucleus is certified on both Lenovo ThinkStation & ThinkSystem hardware platforms.



NVIDIA has built extensions and additional software layers on top of the open-source USD distribution that allow Digital Content Creation tools and compute services to communicate easily with each other through the Omniverse platform (via Nucleus). These extensions, additions and the application plugins that make use of them are collectively known as NVIDIA Omniverse™ Connect, allowing you to store, share, and collaborate on project data to provide the unique ability to collaborate live across multiple applications.



NVIDIA Omniverse Kit is the powerful toolkit for developers to create new Omniverse Apps and extensions. Kit Extensions are plug-ins to Omniverse Kit that extend its capabilities for developers to enhance their own workflows and user interface (UI). As Omniverse is open source, leveraging the highly popular USD file formats, Kit opens up an almost limitless set of possibilities for organizations to enhance their own workstreams with end-to-end collaboration efficiency.



Simulation inside NVIDIA Omniverse™ powered by a collection of NVIDIA technologies, leveraged as plug-ins or microservices to Omniverse Kit. These core NVIDIA technologies that simulate the world include PhysX®, Flow, Blast, and Rigid Body Dynamics. The objects that participate in the simulation, their properties, any constraints, and any solver parameters are specified in a custom USD schema. Kit provides features for editing the simulation set-up, starting and stopping it, and adjusting all the parameters. Omniverse can help anyone who is interested in a simulation environment, including (but not limited to) Robotics, Special Effects, Drive Simulation, Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC), Film and TV (M&E), Games Development, Synthetic Data Generation (AI) & HPC Visualization.


RTX Renderer

NVIDIA Omniverse RTX Renderer is an advanced, multi-GPU enabled renderer based on NVIDIA RTX technology. RTX Renderer supports both real-time ray tracing and ultra-fast path tracing using NVIDIA Ampere based RTX GPUs inside Lenovo ThinkPad & ThinkStation Workstations & ThinkSystem GPU Server systems.

Benefits of Omniverse Enterprise

Omniverse Enterprise simplifies complex design workflows globally dispersed teams of any scale.

Easily Connect Your Workforce
Give employees the freedom to collaborate from anywhere and access fully 3D-capable virtual workstations.

Achieve Faster Time for Production
Maximum iterations at no opportunity cost mean shortened design cycles and superior quality.

Reduce Cost and Waste
Provide a single source of truth workflow to eliminate redundant file copies.

Increase Value
Increase value of existing infrastructure by tapping into your powerful workstation investment.

Media & Entertainment


Manufacturing & Product Development


Architecture, Engineering & Construction



Unlock Ultimate Collaboration Across Verticals

Creators, designers and engineers can now harness the power of NVIDIA-certified Lenovo Workstations to unleash ultimate collaboration across industries.


Media & Entertainment

Initial concept design

Initial Concept Design

Artists can quickly and efficiently develop and refine conceptual ideas to bring the director’s vision to life.

Gaining competitive edge

Gaining Competitive Edge

Art departments can produce innovative ideas swiftly, with infinite iterations at no opportunity cost to meet bid deadlines, win new projects, and maximize profitability.

Global Collaboration

Global Collaboration

Globally-dispersed content teams with a broad range of disciplines can now collaborate and communicate easily, increasing creative flow across different departments.

Virtual Production

Virtual Production

With the move to shooting visual effects in-camera on virtual production stages, virtual art departments can collaborate directly with the set, making directorial edits in real-time.

real time dailies

Real-Time Dailies

Remote teams and supervisors can review beautiful, photorealistic shots from almost any device, allowing them to convey ideas effectively, reducing the number of review cycles, keeping projects on track and accelerating the path to approvals


Manufacturing & Product Development

Design Review

Design Reviews

Easily collaborate to inform critical decisions throughout the entire design process. Share and evaluate physically accurate, interactive ray-traced visualizations of product concepts with teammates, customers, suppliers, and third-party consultants from anywhere in the world.

Supplier comm

Supplier Communication

Quickly review engineering changes with suppliers and manufacturers around the world, viewing photorealistic interactive models in real time to facilitate high-quality decisions quickly & easily across a wide range of disciplines.

AI Training

AI Training & Simulation
for Production Robotics

Take advantage of NVIDIA’s comprehensive AI training and inferencing modules to automate robotic systems from warehouse logistics, to assembly, to welding cells and PCB pick-and-place equipment.


Visualize Massive
Factory Simulations

NVIDIA Omniverse can display full plant and factory layouts supporting interactive fly-throughs and evaluations of entire facilities to provide a seamless collaboration experience across data formats, departments and development processes.


Architecture, Engineering & Construction

Inicial design

Initial Concept Design

Architects, engineers and designers can create and quickly iterate on initial ideas for building designs, delivering first phase design concepts quicker and easier than ever before.


Competition and
Proposal Submissions

Teams can iterate on ideas swiftly to drive innovation, with the ability to create compelling photorealistic renders faster, in order to meet deadlines and win new business projects.

Client presentation

Client Presentation

Clients, owners, and developers can view beautiful, photoreal, visualizations from almost any device, allowing teams to convey ideas effectively with stunning realism.

Global Collaboration

Global Collaboration

Globally dispersed project teams with a broad range of disciplines can now collaborate and communicate more easily, which helps reduce the likelihood of design flaws and delays to agreeing on design decisions.

Speedy design

Speedy Design Reviews

Accurate visualizations and enhanced team collaboration make each design review more effective, helping reduce review cycles and rework. This keeps projects on track and allows design teams to explore more options.

Lenovo – Delivering Complete End-to-End Omniverse Solutions

Whether you want to leverage the power of a desktop workstation, such as the ThinkStation P620, rack mounted workstations, like the ThinkStation P920 Rack, mobile workstations, like the breathtaking new ThinkPad P1, or even Virtual Workstations powered by ThinkSystem GPU Server systems; Lenovo is pleased to offer a complete portfolio of turn-key Omniverse Enterprise solutions. These systems are fully NVIDIA EGX certified and available in a wide variety of configurations, to suit a wide variety of project sizes.

Everything-as-a-Service, From the Pocket to the Data Center

To simplify procurement, Lenovo is pleased to offer the NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise platform through our TruScale service. TruScale provides delivery of the entire Lenovo & NVIDIA stack, as-a-service, from a single source. Everything, from hardware and software licensing to support and management, is optimized with one Lenovo contract and one point of contact. This means customers can easily package their purchase of P Series workstations, NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise software, and all the other tools needed to meet today’s collaboration needs, both today as well as in the future.


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Smarter Empowers Real-time Collaboration

Learn how Lenovo’s ThinkStation and ThinkPad P Series workstations can power Omniverse Enterprise for your business.


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Data-Center Scale Omniverse Computing System for Industrial Digital Twins

NVIDIA OVX™ is a data center scale computing system designed to power industrial digital twin simulations within NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise

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