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Don’t Let Technology Slow You Down

Signs that your endpoint devices are holding you back
Laptops and desktops lack the power to quickly process large, complex datasets
Computing devices cannot perform advanced analytics necessary for production efficiency and logistics visibility
Lack of mobile devices restricts shop floor employees from gaining insights from manufacturing data
Poor device connectivity hinders collaboration, leading to production problems and increased lead times
Hardware that cannot support precision in the manufacturing process increases downtime
Inadequate mobile devices impede on-ground visibility and limit collaboration across the supply chain
Lack of versatile mobile devices impedes access to critical information where and when workers need it
Inadequate device connectivity reduces collaboration necessary for effective decision-making
Poor endpoint protection leads to security issues and downtime
Lenovo solutions contribute to innovation and growth

Building blocks of Lenovo's manufacturing solutions

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Solutions that match workers' job requirements

Powerful, reliable systems enable workers to respond quickly to changing demands, ensure maximum quality and reliability, and contribute to innovation and growth.


View and analyze large data sets from multiple sources. They require powerful devices with fast transfer speeds, along with clear, crisp displays for effective data visualization.

Recommended Products

ThinkPad X1 laptops feature the extreme power of 8th Generation Intel® Core Processors. Designed to be ultra-light and ultra-tough, they also feature Dolby® Vision and pen support for added functionality.
ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 docks support 40Gbps file transfers for data-intensive applications, and can connect to dual 4K displays for effective data analysis.

Product Designers

Use CAD/CAE software to convert insights and ideas into product designs and manufacturing processes. Designers require devices with high responsiveness as they interact with the specialized visualization tools for critical business decision making.

Recommended Products

ThinkStation professional workstations are powered by the latest Intel® Xeon Processors to run the most sophisticated design applications.
ThinkPad P52 and ThinkPad P72 performance laptops that are VR-ready and can easily run advanced CAD software.
ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 docks support 40Gbps file transfers for resource-intensive applications like CAD/CAE, and can connect to dual 4K displays for immersive images.

Testing Engineers

Test product modeling to eliminate design flaws and refine products and processes. Their job role demands high performance devices for running specialized applications.

Recommended Products

ThinkPad P52 and ThinkPad P72 performance laptops, featuring Intel® Xeon® Processors, are ISV-certified to run leading design and engineering applications.
ThinkPad 90W Ultra Dock connects laptops and peripherals with a lock that conveniently secures both the notebook and the dock to the desk with a single key.

Production Engineers

Work on sophisticated CAE software to convert models to finished products, and handle large amounts of data from sensors across the production floor. Their devices must provide impressive processing power.

Recommended Products

ThinkStation professional workstations are powered by the latest Intel® Xeon Processors to run the most sophisticated engineering applications.
ThinkPad X1 tablets are ultra-light yet ultra-tough, powered by Intel® Core Processors and feature NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1050Ti graphics.
ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 docks support 40Gbps file transfers for resource-intensive applications, and can connect dual 4K displays.

Onsite Technicians

Monitor supply chain data, inventory, and transportation information in real-time to ensure a smooth production process. Rugged and highly-portable mobile devices are critical for their jobs.

Recommended Products

ThinkPad E Series laptops are MIL-SPEC tested so they stand up to the daily wear and tear of a manufacturing environment.
ThinkPad Secure Hard Drives with 256-bit AES encryption safeguard essential data carried by technicians.

Assembly Line Managers

Compile large-scale data, monitor production processes, and resolve IT issues to avoid bottlenecks.
They need reliable and secure mobile devices.

Recommended Products

ThinkPad X1 tablets, powered by Intel® Core Processors, are ultra-light, ultra-tough, and deliver all-day battery life.
Lenovo V Series laptops deliver toughness and performance for the factory floor, at an economical cost.
ThinkPad 90W Ultra Docks quickly connect to laptops and peripherals for wide-ranging connectivity and physical security.

Logistics Managers

Monitor data in real-time, and communicate with suppliers and customers to avoid inventory issues and delivery bottlenecks.
Mobile devices with conferencing capabilities are key to the process.

Recommended Products

Lenovo V Series laptops feature dual-array microphones to enable clear voice communications even with background noise.
The Lenovo In-Ear Headphones improve productivity by limiting the impact of noise.
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Case Study

Using Lenovo products, this rapidly growing manufacturer of injection molding machines has achieved global efficiencies in manufacturing through standardized IT infrastructure, leaner operations, and lower maintenance costs in nine production plants across three continents.

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Using robotic 3D printing technology to 3D-print the first fully functional steel bridge in the world, this ground-breaking company is turning data into design using the Lenovo ThinkStation P910 for extreme performance and Lenovo ThinkPad P40 Yoga to combine the sketching capabilities of a tablet with the power of a workstation.

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5 Reasons Why Lenovo is a Difference Maker

Trusted around the world

We have a presence in 160 countries with 3,000 field service locations and over 150,000 partners. Big company or small enterprise–we understand the significant role that IT plays in business. So, irrespective of your location, you will find support when you need it.

Expertise across categories

Lenovo is the world's only company with expertise in smartphones, PCs and enterprise equipment; our know-how can help to empower your business to achieve maximum productivity.

Confidence in our products

From MIL-SPEC testing for ThinkPads to a battery of tests for servers and other PCs, we ensure that our reliable business products live up to their reputation so you can focus on your business and experience uninterrupted productivity.

Business-boosting technology

We provide complete solutions to help you unlock more value from IT investments. Our products range from lightweight and durable laptops to modern desktops with more power and larger screens, making your workforce productive, no matter where they work.

Flexible support network

Experienced real engineers solve hardware and software issues with Premier Support. Protect hardware, data and even batteries with our Protection Services to ensure optimum productivity at all times.
From mobility to analytics to collaboration, Lenovo products help get work done. We offer the right choice of business solutions for manufacturers to optimize productivity, reduce operational costs, improve the customer experience … and ultimately grow the business.