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Sep 18

Working From Home: Staying healthy & productive

When working from home for long hours each day, it's important to create a comfortable environment. Computer screens, TVs and smartphones emit blue-light that can damage our health. Studies show that...
Sep 11

Working From Home: Web conferencing

With the right technology, web conferencing can make working from home a much more social and productive experience. Audio quality A common problem on conference calls is echo, which is caused by the...
Sep 11

Working From Home: Improving Wi-Fi performance

Here are some less well-known ways to improve connection speeds on home Wi-Fi networks…Change the channel that the router is transmitting on by using a free phone app to check which channel has the...
Sep 11

Optimizing your Device Management Strategy

As your workforce becomes increasingly mobile, device management becomes an even more critical pillar in your overall strategy. As you evolve your device management framework, consider new...
Dec 11

Enabling a BYOD Program

While Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) may reduce upfront costs, it can also expose you to greater security risks and more complexity. Therefore, we recommend PCs should be owned and managed by IT under a...
Dec 11