Enhanced Learning through Gamification

With the rise of educational games and simulated, hands-on learning experiences, classrooms and campuses must be equipped with PCs, devices and accessories that enable interactive, multi-sensory learning.

Enabling Real-World Simulation & Learning Experiences

Game-based learning enables students and teachers to connect and collaborate in more productive ways. But how do you help your educational institutions leverage game-based learning technologies in your curriculum and staff training? Start by considering the following:

  • In what subjects or areas would gamification and game-based learning technologies help facilitate better learning outcomes?
  • Will game-based learning activities and lessons be used inside or outside of the classroom, or both, and what types of devices will be required to support those environments?
  • What type of tools and training are required for teachers and faculty to help implement, deploy and monitor game-based learning lessons?

Game-changing Technologies for the Classroom

Lenovo believes that making richer everyday learning experiences are critical to encouraging the exploration and achievement required for the long-term success of students in and out of school. Features to consider for supporting game-based learning at your campus include:

  • Education-built devices with touchscreens which are durable and built to support various types of immersive and productive learning
  • Virtual Reality headsets and associated computing devices, to enable students to experience the rich world of educational VR content
  • Classroom management software solutions, to enable educators to plan lessons, share their screen live with students in the class (or remotely), grade homework assignments and more
  • Gamified classroom solutions, are a particular genre of classroom management software, where homework, lessons, grading and teamwork projects are gamified in an online virtual experience. Classcraft is an example of this.

Choosing the Right Devices for Game-based Learning

  • Laptops—Offer the most options for performance, productivity, creativity & HD multimedia.
  • 2-in-1 devices—Provide a tablet for consuming and a laptop for creating and collaborating.
  • All-in-ones—Enable immersive multi-user experiences, plus performance and productivity features.
Enhanced Learning through Gamification

Virtual game worlds provide a unique opportunity to apply new knowledge and make mission-critical decisions, while identifying obstacles, considering multiple perspectives and rehearsing various responses.

Susan Aldridge, Drexel University, Forbes 2017


  • Lenovo’s wide portfolio includes devices built specifically for classroom use – supporting Windows or Chrome OS environments. These devices feature toughened design features for durability, all-day battery life for teaching use, and features to enable interactive learning.
  • Choose the right devices for game-based learning. Lenovo's laptops offer the most options for performance, productivity, creativity & HD multimedia.
  • Our 2-in-1 devices provide a tablet for consuming and a laptop for creating and collaborating.