Big data is increasingly becoming an integral part of technology deployment in most organizations. Big data should not only be processed and analyzed, it should also be interpreted and projected just as well. And that is what’s keeping businesses from charging ahead and taking the lead for effective data interpretation and analysis.

Your business can benefit significantly if you take into consideration two basic and interdependent aspects of big data and analytics:

Inward Big Data and Analytics

Where you leverage big data to streamline internal operations, rationalize skill distribution, and optimize budget spends.

Outward Big Data and Analytics

Where you leverage big data to understand customer behavior and requirements, and market sentiment and trends.

Why Lenovo for Big Data Solutions


Outstanding Scalability

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Industry-leading Transaction Processing

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High-throughput Capacity

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Optimized Systems and Validated Designs

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Crafting Your Big Data Strategy

Investing in the right big data solution is part of the bigger picture. You need to invest in computing solutions that help visualize data better so that you can derive meaningful insights from it.

There are three core components of your big data strategy:

Big Data Integration and Analytics Solutions

Unlock the potential of your big data with the right end computing devices. Capture, organize, and analyze big data with a reliable data analytics platform to get actionable insights and in turn accelerate business results.

Lenovo servers provide highly reliable and flexible platforms for your business analytics solutions, allowing you to access the full value of your data and deliver insights faster. You can harness the power of Apache Hadoop® and Apache Spark® with Cloudera®, Hortonworks®, IBM®, and MapR®.

Lenovo Solutions


Clear, vibrant, impactful data representation enabled by powerful, modern graphics capabilities can make complex concepts easier to understand and enable better decisions.

Lenovo Solutions

Encryption Services

Hard drive encryption is essential to prevent unauthorized access to data and sophisticated attacks.

Asset Tagging

Having your IT manually apply asset tags to your organization’s computers is a time-consuming and expensive process. However, Lenovo Asset Tagging removes this burden and reduces your costs by having Lenovo apply your asset tag during manufacturing.

Deployment Automation Services

Many IT infrastructure leaders are creating operational efficiencies by simplifying IT deployment and shortening provisioning time. Lenovo fulfills this strategic vision by enabling organizations to increase capacity through shifting specialized technical activities – such as image design and delivery – to hardware manufacturing.

First Boot Services

Before your new PCs can be put to use, your technicians need to perform final 'fast boot' configuration tasks. Performed in-house, these tasks can often take your IT staff between 1 and 2 hours. However, with Lenovo First Boot, you can automate the processes for any image type and move the activities into Lenovo manufacturing. As a result, you save time, resources, and costs - right from the start.

Smart Image

Manage multiple images and drivers, as well as tackle driver installation issues with Lenovo’s Smart Image that gives you compatibility across all Lenovo-based hardware platforms. It combines Lenovo hardware and your Windows 7/8 image in a single, dynamic imaging solution that manages driver maintenance. As a result, your image maintenance costs can be reduced significantly.

OS enabled MDM

Windows 10 Pro provides a consistent set of configurations across device form factors through a common MDM layer. Windows MDM shows users the policies, settings, and apps that are managed by their organization. This lowers help desk calls and allows administrators to easily troubleshoot issues. MDM can implement policies on devices even when users are not active. If a device is offline or asleep, Windows Notification Services delivers policy updates when it is back online.

Departmental Interoperability

Departmental interoperability is one of the biggest things to consider while establishing big data solutions because without the access of complete data, even the best of big data solutions cannot yield business benefits.

Lenovo Cloud Solutions

Lenovo Cloud solutions can help quickly deploy IT solutions and applications, respond faster to emerging opportunities. When combined with Lenovo’s comprehensive suite of services – the industry’s top-rated systems from Lenovo with advanced capabilities of Microsoft Hyper-V – the Lenovo Cloud offerings for Microsoft Hyper-V enable you to take the guesswork out of Cloud. Based on individual needs,
Lenovo offers solutions that include ThinkAgile, SUSE, RedHat, and VMware.

Lenovo Cloud Solutions

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