Exceptional Retail made possible
Lenovo Retail Solutions can help you surpass customer expectations, operate more efficiently, and explore new revenue streams.

A simpler route to better shopping experiences

You don’t have to shop around. Lenovo Retail combines all the hardware, software, and services you need. Here’s how we bring it all together for you.

A Retail experience for the 21st century

The way people shop continues to expand in new and exciting ways. Use our interactive tool to explore what’s possible in the modern retail space. From digital signage to inventory and order tracking, equip your Retail teams with leading-edge innovations in technology—designed to enhance every aspect of the customer journey.


More revenue and an enhanced customer experience

Establish a higher standard of customer value using innovative technology to make your brand come to life. Interactive Retail spaces have the power to increase profits as well as customer loyalty.


Streamline payment and pickup processes

Show your customers how committed you are to quality. In-person payment and order fulfillment using Lenovo’s integrated hardware gives your business unbroken process flows and unparalleled service quality.


Ensure products are always available and accessible

Implement solutions that enable you to better track and manage inventory with ease, from distribution center to store shelves. Free up time within your teams so they can concentrate on maximizing customer value.


Secure tools your back office can rely on

Wherever your employees work, give them everything they need to guarantee seamless operations. Keep your back-office team productive, your data secure, and provide peace of mind for your customers.

Award-winning Retail solutions

We’re thrilled to announce that Lenovo Retail Solutions has won a 2024 Edison Award for innovation among Commercial Technology, awarded by some of the world’s top innovation leaders.

Lenovo AI-powered Retail Solutions enable modern retailers to face challenges like fluctuating market conditions, labor issues, and changing customer expectations. Our AI tools empower retailers with actionable insights to anticipate and adapt to the ever-shifting dynamics of the business landscape. By leveraging these insights, retailers can streamline operations, elevate service quality, and deliver personalized customer experiences.


Retail that’s fit for your customers

With 95% of consumers naming easy access, self-service, and professional store associates as key to inspiring brand loyalty, your customers need to own their shopping experience – not the other way around.1


Optimized technology

Modernize your Retail business, leveraging the combined power of IoT/Edge Computing, AI and intelligent devices from the Lenovo Think family.


Enhanced interactions

Join-up online and in-store sales with more connected systems, boost engagement with digital signage and effortlessly update prices and promotions with dynamic pricing solutions.


Simplified efficiency

Speed up the checkout process, avoid cart abandonment and empower your staff with streamlined Lenovo POS, tablets and Motorola phones. Plus seamlessly integrate our award-winning Self Service Kiosk systems for frictionless sales.

Retail that’s fit for the future

How do you address today’s Retail challenges, such as inflation, labor shortages and changing customer expectations, while future-proofing your operations? Lenovo’s purpose-built solution bridges the gap.


Elevate customer experience

Ensure customers experience immersive and personalised shopping experiences, with the help of AR/VR and AI technologies.


Rapid deployment

Never miss a beat with interoperable hardware, software and services validated by Lenovo experts.


Streamline operations

Realize new efficiencies with seamlessly connected platforms, functions, and accurate data insights.


Maximize uptime

Monitor and control solutions via Lenovo management and support services that respond to issues in real-time.

Retail that’s fit for your goals

In a challenging microenvironment, it is more important than ever to make the best use of limited resources. The solution lies in a single vendor who can offer a turnkey as-a-service model, that is easily deployed and proven to deliver.



From the pocket to the cloud, Lenovo offers its entire portfolio as a service under an expanded Lenovo TruScale umbrella.


One stop shop

Keep pace with the speed of Retail innovation with one solution, one provider, one contract framework and one single point of accountability.


Global innovation

Embrace smarter technology that’s able to scale on demand and is backed by a verified global infrastructure.

Lead the way with AI-driven innovation

AI is enabling retailers to automate, innovate, and meet changing customer expectations like never before.

We’re collaborating with the industry’s most innovative AI software companies to help you get up to speed and deploy the solutions that improve operations in 4 key areas: Inbound Logistics, Inventory Monitoring, Customer Experience and Drive-Thru. 11 of the top 20 food chains are already running AI on Lenovo, and 10,000 stores are powered by our AI solutions.


Wherever Retail goes, we’re with you.

No matter what changes in Retail, make sure you succeed—with one, hassle-free solution.


How Lenovo is helping retailers evolve

See first-hand how leading retailers are using smarter technology to meet customer expectations, moment for moment.

Leading a whole new Retail experience

Sensormatic Solutions is transforming the customer experience while reducing in-store crime, thanks to Lenovo’s edge computing and Intel® AI solutions.

Shaping the self-checkout of tomorrow

Kroger is reducing customer friction and stock losses at self-service checkouts with Lenovo’s AI-enabled Retail solutions and powerful Edge AI servers.

Pet care gets personal

Petco has boosted sales by 8% by powering more convenient, personalised experiences for every pet owner—with help from Lenovo TruScale.

Solutions for Smarter Retail


Lenovo ThinkEdge

Lenovo ThinkEdge computing gives you the power where it’s needed to deliver better experiences with better control over your data.


The Think Portfolio

The Lenovo Think Portfolio combines hardware, software and services to fit the right solution to your needs.


Our decades of expertise and full-service offerings put us in the best position to bring your vision to life. Let’s hear from our experts how we can help you.

How can retailers ensure a secure and seamless shopping experience?

This involves a multi-faceted approach. Firstly, empowering customers to take control of their own shopping experience enhances engagement and fosters a sense of security. Secondly, optimizing business efficiencies and human resources is achieved through the automation of tedious and repetitive operational workloads, streamlining processes for a smoother customer journey. Lastly, unlocking new revenue streams with Lenovo’s hassle-free services allows retailers to refocus on their core business, while we handle the intricacies of secure and seamless Retail operations.

What sets Lenovo apart in Retail?

In a market saturated with technology, we uniquely blend the familiarity of a long-term partner with the innovation of a newer player. Whether leveraging Lenovo IP or collaborating with third parties, we bridge the gap between current operations and future aspirations, minimizing risks for our customers. Our customer-centric approach, coupled with global scalability and agility, positions us as the ideal choice for executing end-to-end Retail solutions from pocket to cloud. With Truscale, we empower customers to manage data consumption costs flexibly throughout the year, ensuring efficiency during peaks and savings during downtimes.

Why choose Lenovo for Retail technology?

We offer a comprehensive suite of total solutions for both store outlets and corporate offices, covering front-end to back-end operations, services, data management, and device management. With a global presence, we move swiftly, simplifying execution and setting a standard for continuity that surpasses what individual partners can provide.

Unlock agile, efficient Retail technology.

Your customers’ expectations have evolved. Exceed their expectations with the performance, power, and precision of Lenovo Retail Solutions. Get the benefits of seamless store technology today.