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Tough Durability

Tough Durability Decisions: A Good Problem to Have

PCs are lasting longer than ever thanks to technology innovations and awareness about the wear and tear of digital learning.

While you may retire a device when it no longer offers the latest and greatest technology, more often than not it’s still got a lot of life left in it. Rather than sending devices off to be recycled, consider putting them to new uses that will improve educational outcomes and ensure a maximum return on your technology investment.

In this eGuide, you’ll learn how other schools and districts repurpose their older devices to expand learning opportunities and build community. Opportunities include:

  • Digital assessments
  • Early grades and special classrooms
  • Hands-on IT learning
  • Partnerships with and donations to community institutions

The eGuide also explains how Lenovo tablets and laptops powered by Intel® technology outlast other devices on the market thanks to our commitment to build an entire series of products especially for the challenges of daily education IT.

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