Patient Experience blog
Make Sure Your Patients-Turned-Consumers are Satisfied Customers: Three pages from the retail playbook.
Rising healthcare consumerization and three retail strategies for the patient journey | Lenovo Health
Smarter Way Forward Security - Empowering healthcare from anywhere
Take five minutes to hear what we’re doing to move forward smarter – and stronger – in the changing landscape. Gain practical advice and guidance to help navigate the new healthcare landscape.
Smarter Way Forward blog
Healthcare IT in a work-from-anywhere world: 5 modern IT essentials to manage a remote workforce
The role of modern IT in managing remote healthcare workers| Lenovo Health
Virtual Rounding blog
The Next Best Thing to Being There: Virtual Bedside Rounding by Videoconference
How virtual rounding makes bedside rounds with inpatients by video conference, minimizes risk of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs), conserves PPE
Keep Your Hands-On Devices Safe for Hands - and Patients and Coworkers
Healthcare workers handle germ-ridden laptops, tablets, and smartphones all day but most never clean them. Learn how to safely disinfect your handheld devices.