Government Digital Transformations Using Business Innovation


Risk keeps you ready— confidence ensures you succeed.

Lenovo understands that trust is key to transformation, so we integrate security into every process and product we build. This includes state-of-the-art global supply chain compliance, and a proven record of meaningful innovation against physical and virtual security threats.

Lenovo Chief Security Officer, Jerry Fralick


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ThinkShield Digital Security Solutions

ThinkShield by Lenovo has the most comprehensive end-to-end security offerings in the market. Our portfolio combines innovation, processes, and partnerships to enable custom solutions for any business.


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Lenovo's 360° Approach to Security

Learn how we're hard at work securing your devices from the threats in this comprehensive product guide, form laptop to desktop, workstation to storage.


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The power of partnership

The costs of uncertainty and complexity are rising. State and local agencies need partners that understand the unique needs and unknowns facing government IT leaders. Lenovo’s team of experienced government sales, solutions, and procurement professionals are ready to serve you and your agency

Lenovo US Public Sector Leader, Darren Estridge


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Learn why more than 900 state and local and 70 military and civilian agencies trust Lenovo.

Lenovo has the portfolio-wide innovation agencies need to connect with information and citizens in important ways, boosting productivity, transforming information, and strengthening IT infrastructure.


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Mobility that’s protected and cost effective

Whether a tablet, laptop, or multimode form factor, the right mobile technology helps workers on the front lines do their jobs better, making good on the public promise of service while modernizing agency functions


The level of sophistication of today's security threats prompt the need for a comprehensive approach to keep your business devices, networks, and data protected.
With cybercrime on the rise, your business needs a partner who takes your security as seriously as you do.
Lenovo provides unparalleled leadership in technology from mobile devices that let you work where you need to, right to the heart of the data center where the future is being managed we build what you need, with power, reliability and performance that gets the job done.
Get the inside perspective on hardware-enhanced security. In this white paper, Intel® reviews four new enhanced-hardware provisions to help overcome user apathy in adhering to basic security protocols,
Learn More About Lenovo ThinkPad
This detailed case study describes the challenges faced by Lexington’s IT team as their solutions neared end-of-life, and how choosing the ThinkPad Yoga has helped them create a solid foundation to meet current demands while anticipating future opportunities.
Lenovo’s Yamato Lab in Japan conducts over 90 endurance tests simulating real-world use to ensure that ThinkPad® laptops are proven to survive in extreme environments and to withstand life’s typical bumps, knocks, and drops. Some of these tests include:
How Does an Internet Celebrity Bring Ideas to Life?
Scott Hanselman is a maker, a creator, a web developer, and a hacker. And, he loves his ThinkPad.

Serious front line computer needs

Today’s agencies need robust, reliable computing power that can keep pace with increased application performance demands, such as those required by Geographic Information Systems Mapping (GIS). Lenovo ThinkStation and ThinkPad Workstations includes ISV certification for leading tool providers such as ESRI, Bentley, and Autodesk.


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Modern, connected technology is helping government better serve communities.
Strengthen Your IT Infrastructure
Connected Government Makes a Real Impact
See how this state supreme court benefits from Lenovo’s innovative ThinkCentre and ThinkPad products

Government procurement simplified

Along with specialized public sector financing solutions and more robust warranty options, Lenovo offers broad contract and purchase vehicle availability — all to help government procurement maximize the impact of each dollar. Lenovo is available on GSA, NASPO ValuePoint, NCPA, and many state contracts.


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