Protecting patients, providers, and data.
Keeping data safe and maintaining regulatory compliance is vital for patient care and medical innovation. Lenovo is here to help.
Windows 11
Windows 11

Built-in protection for patients, staff, and devices.

The Lenovo ThinkShield portfolio of secure hardware, software, and services provides end-to-end protection—from the core of the infrastructure to every endpoint. The power of Intel vPro® technology below-the-OS, AI-assisted threat detection technology that’s built into Intel® Core™ Ultra processors helps keep your data secure.


ThinkShield for healthcare

Protect healthcare data everywhere and stop evolving threats to patient security.


Best practices for better security

Be proactive about building better protections.

Discover how Lenovo is helping the healthcare and life science industries

Dive deeper into Lenovo’s contribution to the healthcare sector—the technology we’re developing, the security and protection we’re implementing, and the challenges presented by a changing world.

Better cybersecurity through cross-sector best practices

Are the threats and risks in healthcare unique? Take a look outside of the industry.

Lenovo Asset Management

Experience the ultimate work habitat with any device, any place, any time, with robust security and personalized support.

Lenovo Recovery Services

Minimize waste and maximize circularity with secure Asset Recovery.

Lenovo TruScale DaaS

Improve user experience for end-to-end device management that supports your technology management.

Advancing the future of modern healthcare

Explore Lenovo technology, powered by up to Intel® Core™ Ultra processors featuring Intel vPro®, that delivers that quality, durability and reliability that the healthcare industry demands. All with the support and security needed to protect sensitive data.

ThinkPad T14 for optimum healthcare

Thinner, lighter and a higher screen-to-body ratio for improved clinic productivity.

Tiny-in-One monitor keeps you in control

Maximize upgrade and maintenance efficiency, while freeing up workspace.

ThinkCentre M70q for compact power

Full desktop performance and the latest security features in a 1-liter chassis design.

X1 Carbon Laptop: Core connection

Superior performance with cutting-edge connectivity helps you stay productive.

ThinkStation P3 Ultra Workstation

Ideal for healthcare environments that need maximum power but are short on space.

Want to learn more?

Lenovo provides technology customized for your healthcare organization. For more information on how we can help you innovate, get in touch with our healthcare specialists.