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Smarter Transforms Patient Care

With recent events reshaping the way we all live and work, the healthcare world is under greater pressure than ever – and technology has a critical role to play. Clinicians and staff in diverse patient care settings need tools that not only facilitate their unique workflows, but become more transparent to care delivery as well.

The complexity of modern patient care requires incredibly specialized solutions. That’s why Lenovo Health recently brought together the most innovative healthcare leaders for panel discussions so you can hear firsthand from healthcare digital transformation, IT, security, and care delivery experts as they discuss how technology is changing the shape of care.

Enlightening topics to explore

Lenovo has curated multiple engagement tracks, each featuring an on-demand panel discussion with industry leaders and on-demand sessions to explore at your own pace. Hear from experts at leading companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Absolute, SentinelOne, and more.

Patient and Provider Safety Through Disruptive Times Panel Session

The safety of healthcare providers and patients has always been an area of intense focus, but the events of the past few months with COVID-19 have certainly put current practices in a new context. In this session, our panel of experts talk about how technology and social determinants of health can combine to help ensure patient and provider safety both within the healthcare facility and beyond.

Panel Speakers

Evelyn Gallego, Founder and CEO, EMI Advisors

Andy Nieto, Global Solutions Manager, Lenovo

Anne Martin, Global Healthcare Clinical Solutions Specialist, Lenovo

On-demand Webinar Session: Defending Providers and Patients from HAIs

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Practical approaches for device disinfection
  • Which device features can contribute to a safer working environment and
  • How virtual care can reduce the potential for transmission

Cyberattacks and Vulnerabilities: Maintaining Digital Resiliency During Disruption Panel Session

Security experts will be discussing how this “new normal” has created new challenges for healthcare IT security. Specifically, they’ll talk about three key issues: How the rise in telehealth and virtual engagement solutions is changing the security landscape; keeping protected health information safe at rest and in transit; and Improving end-point security without affecting clinician efficiency/workflow.

Panel Speakers

Jared Phipps, VP Worldwide Sales Engineering, SentinelOne

Sean Maxwell, Chief Commercial Officer, Absolute

Nima Baiati, GM, Cybersecurity Solutions, Lenovo

On-demand Webinar Session: The Future of Digital Security

In this session, we’ll will discuss:

  • Thinking beyond endpoint security
  • The impact of IoT and cloud-based apps
  • Security across the entire device lifecycle

Virtual Rounding Readiness Panel Session

Care team rounds provide important connection points in the daily routine of in-facility patient stays. Rounding helps care teams check in with patients, family members and each other. But the logistics of visiting each patient can be costly, draining resources (PPE, for example) and risking infection spread. How can technology positively impact the daily patient encounter? In this session, our panel of experts discusses virtual rounding technology options, impacts on reducing exposure to HAIs, and savings associated with reduced travel and PPE requirements.

Panel Speakers

Richard LaBennett, Senior Product Manager, Lenovo

Dan Stevens, Global Healthcare Product Manager, Lenovo

Joe Delecki, VP WW Technical Readiness, Lenovo Smart Office Services

Max Fritz, Senior Technical Specialist, Microsoft

On-demand Webinar Session: Introducing Lenovo Virtual Rounding

In this session, we’ll describe how Lenovo Virtual Rounding:

  • Enables daily check-ins that enhance the patient and provider experience
  • Protects patients and providers from unnecessary exposure to HAIs, and
  • Reduces PPE use, conserving critical supplies and cutting costs

On-demand Webinar Session: Introducing Lenovo Virtual Care Panel Session

In this session, we’ll introduce you to this new solution and discuss:

  • Benefits of remote patient monitoring
  • The value of healthy habit formation for chronic care patients
  • Key solution components including peripheral biometric devices and an AI‑enabled digital assistant
  • Virtual care impacts on lowering patient management costs

AI’s Impact on Healthcare Panel Session

Artificial and augmented intelligence have crossed the threshold from emerging trends to accepted technology. AI is now being commonly used across many industries — healthcare included. As adoption increases and investments spur innovation, it’s a good time to take a look at where AI is heading. In this session, our panel of experts talks about how AI is having an impact on diagnosis and treatment, workflow optimization, and predictive modeling risk stratification.

Panel Speakers

Brian Cole, Director of Clinical Informatics, Apollo

Yossi Abu, CEO, TechsoMed

Abhishek Khowala, AI and Health Solutions Architect, Intel

Robert Daigle, AI Business Leader, Lenovo

On-demand Webinar Session: Innovation Labs to Scale – How Healthcare is Leveraging AI

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Practical approaches for device disinfection
  • Which device features can contribute to a safer working environment and
  • How virtual care can reduce the potential for transmission

On-demand Session: Modern IT
Support for WFA

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • Modern IT Enablement
  • Solutions to better deploy and manage your devices
  • Securing the End Point

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