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The Crystal preload is our cleanest preload available

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RTP is a custom load option that removes preinstalled apps


RTP+ gives you the ability to add up to five of your own apps

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Lenovo’s Imaging Technology Center builds custom images

Tired of building and managing your own images in-house? Pick one of Lenovo’s custom load options, and let our engineers set you up for success.

Crystal Preload

Simply put, this is the cleanest preload available. Equipped with the current branch of Windows 10, Lenovo’s Crystal Preload includes Lenovo Vantage for Commercial, Microsoft Office Trial, and Microsoft’s consumer apps. Backup is available with Lenovo DDRS. 

Lenovo Crystal Preload
Custom Load Options

Ready to Provision (RTP) removes all preloaded apps and Microsoft Consumer Apps. It uses the current brand of Windows 10. The recovery option for RTP is a local recovery partition. RTP+ adds the ability for you to specify up to five installation scripts to pre install at the factory. RTP+ is supported by cloud recovery.

Not custom enough? Let Lenovo’s Imaging Technology Center build an image to your exact requirements like desktop backgrounds, shortcuts, and known WiFi networks. You can even pick what branch of Windows you’d like. Service partition and cloud recovery are both supported. 

Talk to your Lenovo Account Representative to learn more.

Lenovo Custom Load Options