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Your perimeter is constantly changing
Intrinsic security that follows you from design to the supply chain and into the cloud
Security Report 2021: The future of remote device security
The number of Americans working remotely will grow 87% by 2025, with 20% of remote workers tied to causing a security breach. This report examines critical advances at the silicon, firmware, and software levels that usher in a new baseline in device security.
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Your remote security checklist
How do you balance a growing flexible workforce with cyberthreats jumping 25% since the start of the pandemic? Explore the top three security threats confronting your organization as they work from anywhere.
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End-to-end intrinsic security
ThinkShield Platform Security
Next-gen firmware resiliency and robust below-the-os security that protect and remediate against emerging threats
ThinkShield Device Protection
Integrated hardware verification and safeguards to prevent device breaches
ThinkShield Threat and Data Protection
Automated protection, detection, and response against cyber-threats and ransomware including roll-back features
ThinkShield Security Management
Maximize security while minimizing friction with persistent management and seamless access for zero-trust experience
Security from start to finish
Get an in-depth look at how Lenovo and Intel® have teamed up to ensure device security from the factory floor through EOL.
Working from home: Staying healthy and productive
After working long hours from home each day, educators and administrators need a comfortable environment as we become more reliant on our technology.
Protecting healthcare everywhere
Healthcare IT security must be seamless and ubiquitous, but it has to work the way healthcare employees work.
Threats are coming from all corners, intrinsic security defends from multiple angles
68% of leaders feel their cybersecurity risks are increasing. It’s time for ThinkShield.
Your employees are working from anywhere. Is your security?
Give your remote workforce the same advanced security protections they would get at the office.
Get back to mission-critical work
92% of IT leaders cite innovation as CIO’s main charter, but 81% are buried by functional responsibilities1. How can you find the time?
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1 IDG, State of the CIO, March 2021