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Empower with
device flexibility

Lenovo DaaS can better serve the digital experience expectations of your next-gen workforce. Take back your time, capital, and resources to focus on what you do best.


Equip your organization with the latest technology — no upfront costs

In a data-rich, time-poor world, being flexible with your time and technology is how you stay one step ahead. When it comes to IT expenditure, a subscription-based model like Lenovo Device as a Service (DaaS) is how to keep IT costs sensible, and predictable. By grouping hardware, software, configuration, security and services into a single monthly fee – you remove complexity.

This simplification of your expenses frees up both time and capital to dedicate towards new ideas, and new revenue.

  • Ensure your people have the right devices for their job
  • Only pay for what you need
  • Adopt a more manageable cash-flow solution


Create a tech-savvy organization, and fuel your business with reclaimed capital

Keep up with the rapidly changing technology landscape, and improve workforce productivity with best-in-class Lenovo ThinkPad Notebook and ThinkCentre Desktops. DaaS also gives you choice. Lenovo offers the flexibility your organization demands, allowing you to expand or reduce the number of devices to meet your business needs.

Lenovo Services has all your IT needs covered

Lenovo’s all-inclusive DaaS offering ticks all boxes



Choose from pre-configured packages or request custom configurations.


Configuration & Deployment

Reduce set-up and logistics costs by having Lenovo manage image, image load and deployment.


Support & Protection

Keep your hardware in optimal condition with Lenovo’s Premier Support expert diagnosis and remediation.


Device Security

Lenovo offers proactive end-point monitoring to detect suspicious events, uncover potential vulnerabilities and identify non-compliant devices and data.


Hardware & Software Management

Lenovo provides all asset management and monthly reports.


Recovery & Refresh

Lenovo can manage disposal that is compliant with local governance and environmental regulations, asset recovery & resale, plus PC refresh.

The power of more

Power of More

More cash flow

Lenovo's DaaS model transforms large IT budget allocations to more manageable cash flows over a planned period. It also presents a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) figure so you can outline more strategic decisions regarding future investments.

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More scalability

Whether growing or downsizing, you pay only for you need, when you need it. You'll no longer be stuck with obsolete hardware; especially as technological innovation continues to outpace the average life span of devices.

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More productivity

Industry experts agree that a three-year refresh cycle is the optimal length of time for computing hardware. In many cases, repair costs for older personal computers can exceed the purchase price of new PCs. With Lenovo DaaS, your organization can access the latest technology and avoid costly repairs and productivity delays from aged devices.

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More mobility

"Work" as we know it changing. Cultures are shifting from a fixed time and place to a "work anywhere, anytime, with any device" mantra. Lenovo's DaaS model bundles a variety of software and services designed to enhance a user's mobile experience.

Untangle your IT expenses and unlock new ways to serve your customers

Stay on the leading edge

Benefit from the latest technology, services and security that maximize IT performance. Enjoy Lenovo’s toprated devices at a price you can afford, from our flagship PCs to mobile devices to the data center—you can have it all with Lenovo DaaS.