See Sharper, Think Bigger
Connect, collaborate and create at a new pace, with Lenovo ThinkVision monitors

The center of your work-from-anywhere world

You’re relying on more devices, working in more places and aiming higher with digital creations. To make hybrid life seamless, introduce smart monitors that connect all these tools – and keep users captivated with vivid displays.

Today, 52% of us use three or more devices to do our jobs1. And 41% of employees report missing the key tech tools for their working needs2.

Make switching between devices, calls and tasks simple, bring a sharper focus to every aspect of your work, and cut the strain of screentime with ThinkVision monitors.

How your people can work smarter with Lenovo ThinkVision

How can you put your teams ahead of the rest, with unique Lenovo ThinkVision features? With the right fit from the family, your people can:

Connect seamlessly

Connect seamlessly

Transfer media, power and internet connection between devices rapidly when you choose one of our USB-C docking monitors.

Go sustainable

Go sustainable

Save electricity with Smart Power and energy-efficient screens. Plus, cut waste since newly released ThinkVision monitors contain 85% post-consumer recycled content (PCC) ABS by weight.

Ease the strain of working

Ease the strain of working

Reduce harmful blue-light emissions. ThinkVision monitors have industry-leading TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe® displays with Natural Low Blue Light technology.


Tailor visuals to your tastes

Adjust advanced settings to suit specialist tasks, at the touch of a mouse, with our proprietary Lenovo Accessories and Display Manager (LADM) software.


Collaborate effortlessly

Make every call count, with smart VoIP, integrated or modular high-res cameras with mics, speakers and features like face tracking and automatic blurring.

Take productivity anywhere

Take productivity anywhere

Help your people get more done on the go, with powerful, portable monitors that’ll multiply productivity from train to plane.

Your industry, your vision

Nothing compares to what you do. Make no compromises when it comes to your needs – find your ideal monitors below.


Bring a sharper focus to any class

Blended learning is here to stay. But many students still strain their eyes on small, low-res screens.

From school to university, keep everyone engaged in remote teaching and digital-led lessons – laughing, interacting and questioning. Learn how ThinkVision solutions make learning captivating.

Creative Industries
Creative Industries

Free your creators to think bigger

Content is booming. You’ve got more opportunities, but also more competition.

Stay at the forefront. Raising standards with unprecedented color accuracy. Seeing sparks fly between remote creators, with easier, faster collaboration. And speeding up the process, making device switching seamless.

Finance and Informatics
Finance and Informatics

Deepen analysis, strengthen security

In the office or remote, your teams balance tiny details, and move at lighting pace on opportunities.

Widen your firm’s powers of analysis and speed up communication on crucial projects – while upping security for sensitive data. Here’s how you can take hybrid work to a new level with ThinkVision solutions.

Architecture and Engineering
Architecture and Engineering

Fine-tune design, deliver faster

As new digital design techniques transform your industry, do your people have the tailored tools they need?

Make sure on-the-ground employees don’t miss a single detail with color accurate monitors. And cut out uncertainty in design, with factory-calibrated color accuracy. Learn how to speed projects and improve standards with ThinkVision.

Find your Lenovo ThinkVision family

Know what your people need, but want to find the perfect partner? Explore our portfolio of solutions and discover which family of monitors matches your ambitions.

3D monitor

Immersive experiences in 3D

The cutting-edge Lenovo ThinkVision 27 3D brings all content to life in immersive 3D. Enjoy all 3D content without any glasses for extreme convenience. The monitor’s 2D and 3D compatibility, combined with real-time eye tracking lets you experience seamless productivity.

Mobile monitor
Mobile monitor

Take faster working with you, anywhere

Never let a task take longer than necessary – even on the go – with these ultra-portable monitors. In confined or public spaces, see every detail in full-HD, with a clutter-free, one-cable connection.

Smarter collaboration
Smarter collaboration

Perfect calling and sharper working, in one

Make collaboration and multitasking effortless. This range offers the same excellent display quality you expect from a VoIP monitor, but with a webcam, microphone and speakers built in (or added easily with a modular camera).


New powers for big-picture thinkers

When big decisions are your way of life, only the widest view will do. Explore premium performance and ultrawide monitors, with smart features for multiple-PC access and video conferencing.


Smarter multi-tasking, anywhere

With 300 task-switches per day,3 your people lose hours if they can’t change tack easily. Whether you need a panoramic screen or something smaller, find displays that’ll make multi-tasking simple.


A bigger view, on a budget

Complete focus and comfort shouldn’t just be for the ‘big players’. Explore borderless full-HD, smart displays with stylish design that save your eyes from strain, and versatile connectivity for working between devices.


Think bigger, for less

Make video calls more engaging and get the perfect view for any task. These entry-level monitors with built-in speakers deliver sharp visuals. They also tilt, lift, swivel, and pivot flexibly.

Get down to the detail

You know your tech, so you’ll want a clear picture of exactly how our monitors perform. Here’s the nitty-gritty detail on each Lenovo ThinkVision series.

Mobile monitor

Portable productivity

Provide dual-monitor-style productivity with the extra-slim and ultra-lightweight design of these monitors.

Charge simultaneously

With Dual USB-C ports, you can charge multiple devices.

Work intuitively

With a 10-point touchscreen interface and bundled digital pen,* it’s easy.

Simplify screen extension

One cable for power, data, and video signal sharing.

Multitask on the go

Set up anywhere with an adjustable kickstand.

Minimize eye strain

TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certified tech makes long work sessions safer.

*For selected models only

Smarter collaboration

VoIP monitors and modular accessories

Make conferencing and collaborating even easier with these premium monitors and modular camera-mics or soundbars.

Make high-quality calls

Built-in camera-mic (VoIP) with up to 5MP with IR-RGB lens.

Sharpen your vision

See collaborators better and detail clearly, with up to 27-inch QHD display.

Stay secure

Windows Hello support and screen blurring when someone looks over your shoulder.

Focus fully

Face tracking,* noise-cancelling microphones and integrated speakers.

Smart Sensor*

Works mindfully to elevate your user experience.

*For selected models only


The professional’s gold standard

Enhance work with a staggering image quality. Meet our premium performance monitors, made for professional users to accomplish specialized tasks.

Access two PCs instantly

eKVM allows you to view and share two sources flexibly.

Link two displays

Seamlessly daisy-chain up to two 4K displays with a single USB-C cable.*

Split the screen easily

Turn ultrawide monitors into dual screens effortlessly, with True Split.

Connect, fast

Get a high-speed, secure network connection with a hardline Ethernet cable.*

Bring content alive

Meet our new, mini-led display with HDR 1000 imaging technology.*

Go sustainable

Plastic-free packaging, bio-based plastics and dynamic power optimization.*

*For selected models only


Office functionality for multitaskers

Help all your people think bigger. These ergonomic monitors are suited for business and corporate use and connect easily with other devices.

Multitask seamlessly

3-sided, near edgeless chassis for multiple monitors.

See clearly

Explore high-resolution options up to ultra-HD (3,840 x 2,160 pixels).

Cut desk clutter

Work across devices without endless cables thanks to USB-C docking.*

Create with confidence

Get accurate colors from multiple angles with in-plane switching panels.

Adjust for any task

Lift, tilt, swivel and pivot until you have the perfect view, with ergonomic monitors.

*For selected models only


Reliable, budget-friendly monitors

Still packed with performance and style, these borderless Full-HD monitors are ideal for small and medium businesses.


Work in tight spaces

Choose slim and compact monitors for small rooms.

Keep top talent engaged

Impress your best people, with a sleek, borderless display.

Bring clarity to detail tasks

Full-HD screens make it easy to work with accuracy.

Connect and stream your way

Let your people connect flexibly with VGA, HDMI and DP support.


Mainstream productivity for less

Provide entry-level functionality with ergonomic design and built-in speakers. These wide-angle monitors deliver sharp visuals, affordably.


Get new clarity

See every detail of small tasks with crisp displays in Full-HD or QHD.

Triple your vision

Create stylish multi-monitor setups with 3-side NearEdgeless displays.

Expand your perspective

Create a wide viewing angle for your people with an In-Plane Switching.

Minimize eye strain

TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certified tech makes long work sessions safer.

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3 Modern employees switch tasks an average of 300 times per day, according to: