Future-Proof Your Digital Strategy

Endpoint devices are an integral part of any organization's IT strategy. The right endpoint devices will bring multiple benefits.

All Round Security

As mobility grows, protection of data and networks is a concern for nearly every business. The level of sophistication in today's security threats require a comprehensive approach to keep your business devices, networks, and data protected. This should include your endpoint devices:

  1. User access control - IT teams need to monitor and protect against threats such as unauthorized access, ID theft and hacking.
  2. Port & physical protection - devices need protection not only at the software level but also at a physical level. Built-in port security features help protect against physical theft of data via the USB and other access ports.
  3. Data protection - in the case of device loss or theft, implementing data encryption technology enables data recovery only by authorized personnel. Secure and automatic cloud-based data backup goes a long way in keeping your business processes running smoothly and without disruption.

Comprehensive Cloud Strategy

Technologies like Big data, IoT, AI and robotics are all underpinned by Cloud computing. Endpoint devices are an important aspect of the Cloud ecosystem, because they partly determine the security readiness of your organization. 3 essentials of an effective cloud strategy:

  1. The Right Endpoint Devices: devices are a gateway into your organization’s network, so the security of these devices play a critical role.
  2. A Good Cloud Solution: choosing the right one for your business:
    1. Private Cloud for strict security, latency, regulatory & data privacy levels.
    2. Hybrid Cloud for greater operational flexibility and scalability.
    3. Public Cloud for data storage, archival, application hosting, on-demand hosting for applications, etc.
  3. Effective Device Management: so IT teams can supervise all endpoint devices, device management solutions are an integral component of any modern IT ecosystem.

Workplace Efficiency

Smarter workplaces are becoming a norm as these enhance productivity, collaboration, and efficiency. Three aspects to consider as you develop your own strategy:

  1. Workspace Optimization - some are moving to activity-based working, including remote working and 'hot-desking', both of which optimize usable space. The right devices reduce cubicle clutter and enable mobility.
  2. Downtime Reduction - modern devices with technologies like self heal and remote device management capabilities are the first step to reducing downtime.
  3. IT Automation - IT automation reduces the time spent on routine tasks and speeds up the process of deployment. Leverage built-in capabilities of Lenovo devices and associated services to reduce the breadth of routine tasks that an IT department has to perform.
Future-Proof Your Digital Strategy

Most offices worldwide are 50% under-utilized, due to changing work styles, mobile technologies, and business needs.