Respond To Constituents Faster

Most government agencies are migrating existing infrastructure to either public, private or hybrid cloud. But with cloud-based apps, the endpoint devices that employees are using should also be upgraded. These devices need to have better connectivity, flexibility and security features.

Improve Constituent Experience by Enabling Employee Experience

Help government employees respond to constituents faster by matching their job role to an optimal endpoint PC. Here are a few examples:

Constituent Facing

  • Job role requirements: Access constituent information quickly to respond to or anticipate requests.
  • Device requirements: Laptops with powerful dual-band WiFi, WWAN (4G) connectivity and high-quality cameras and microphones for conferencing and presenting. Hardware-enhanced security features such as a Match-on- Chip Fingerprint Reader and Intel® Authenticate offer reliable user security capabilities. Set up non-mobile customer service workers with thin clients that can run from a server for secure access to customer data.

Big Data and Analytics Users

  • Job role requirements: Analyze large amounts of data, identify trends and enable decision-making
  • Device requirements: Plenty of memory, security and the ability to connect to multiple monitors can help employees visualize data from real-time sources and quickly advise decision makers. Consider Windows 10 Pro workstations powered by 8th Gen Intel Core vPro processors that analyze and visualize data up to 40% faster than 4-year-old systems.* Windows 10 Pro for Workstations on devices with non-volatile memory helps workers speed through data-intensive workloads.

Planners & Strategists

  • Job role requirements: Study constituent needs to develop or improve products and services
  • Device requirements: Need fast processors, high-capacity internal storage and the ability to simulate how the product will run across multiple channels. Accelerate system performance with a solution such as Intel Optane memory; this combines the capacity benefits of large HDD drives with the performance capability of SSD drives, acclerating system performance by up to 28%*
*SYSmark 2014 SE (Overall Score)
Respond To Constituents Faster

Smartphones and other technologies will empower citizens to get information and government services before they even know they need it, setting the stage for the next evolution of online government services.

Bob Sanders, GM of Arkansas Information Consortium


  • Whether laptops with powerful dual-band WiFi and WWAN (4G) connectivity for mobile employees, workstations for data analysts or secure thin clients for customer service workers, we can advise you on the right endpoint devices for all job roles in your organization.
  • Hardware-based security and authentication features help keep constituent information secure. Our devices with Match-on-Chip Fingerprint Reader store credentials on a separate chip so that they’re tougher to hack.