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Bring your Visions to Life Faster than Ever

Our end-to-end, enterprise-class solution focuses on providing immersive virtual and mixed reality experiences with the highest visual quality. Drive forward advancements in product design, manufacturing, training, medical and research projects with faster, safer or more cost-effective ways to complete projects.

Unlike consumer-focused VR experiences which concentrate on VR content consumption, Pro VR focuses on content creation.

It offers further technology enhancements that include real-time hand and eye tracking, ultra-low-latency video pass-through (for XR experiences) and a significantly improved visual experience (higher resolution, wider field of view, increased pixel degree density and more).

Work in Astonishing Detail with Simple VR & XR Solutions

Lenovo works closely with Varjo Technologies, developers of the world’s most advanced VR & XR headsets. These devices deliver best in class VR & XR experiences with high quality visuals at never-before-seen human eye resolution (71pdd). These are available as part of our complete end-to-end Enterprise Class ProVR/XR solution. See our blog for more detail.

ProVR – Vertical Solutions

Modern digital workflow transformations – including the move to more augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) project processes – can drive down costs and save time for companies across a variety of industries.

Lenovo Workstations for Professional VR & Professional XR

Professional AR and VR workflows are exceptionally demanding. Our specialist workstations are designed and engineered from the ground up not just to meet, but to exceed those performance requirements. Whether your work focuses on VR content creation or you need a solution to deliver faultless VR consumption, the Lenovo ThinkStation & ThinkPad P Series of workstations delivers outstanding levels of VR/XR performance. NVIDIA RTX GPUs provide stunning levels of visual quality for breathtaking immersive experiences. All while maintaining maximum VR frame rates at the lowest possible latency.


Design & Engineering

Design Reviews

Make your design reviews faster and smoother with photorealistic immersive virtual and mixed reality experiences. Visualize and explore exterior and interior design features in beautiful human-eye resolution VR/XR. Plus, bring your visual sketches into reality and see the changes you make as you make them, in true 1:1 scale.

Digital Factory

Move your layout and assembly planning from traditional 2D and 3D into VR and XR, creating photorealistic digital twins. This way, you can improve quality assurance by ensuring early on in the project that your 3D models match reality.

Virtual Showrooms

Leverage Virtual & Mixed Realty to create a truly immersive marketing or sales experience. Showcase your highest-value, most luxurious products and largest scale design solutions inside flagship stores, showrooms, trade shows and live or virtual events. All with photorealistic visual quality and human eye resolution.

Human Machine Interface Design

Perform your HMIs faster, and at a fraction of the cost of building physical prototypes, with Lenovo + Varjo XR solutions. Test real-world vehicle designs by performing photorealistic user studies like virtual test drives and implement design changes quickly and cost-efficiently inside normal project timescales. Bring virtual to the forefront of physical with the power of Lenovo ThinkStation & Varjo solutions.

Lenovo Workstations combined with the power of Varjo Technology Virtual & Mixed Reality headsets can deliver full power, fixed desktop or portable/mobile VR solutions for your audience.


Training & Simulation

Join a Training Revolution; Leveraging Immersive VR Solutions

Traditional simulators are big, bulky, expensive and often immobile, making them very inefficient to use at scale, across different parts of an organization. Using virtual and mixed reality technologies from Varjo, powered by VR Ready Lenovo Workstations, you can drive training forward with a photorealistic, immersive and easily portable VR/XR environment that can deliver results quickly and effortlessly.

Operate ThinkPad P series mobile workstations paired with Varjo Technologies VR/XR headsets to deliver an easy to set up, fully deployable mobile training facility.

Getting large numbers of people up and running within an organization, virtually anywhere in the world, means multiple trainees can learn to operate aircraft, work heavy machinery, treat patients and more – at their own pace, wherever and whenever they want.

Using standard VR & XR devices in the market today, with limited and poor resolution, ultimately makes immersive training less successful for customers. High-precision training and simulation demands absolute visual fidelity, and until now it’s been impossible to effectively train in virtual environments.

Train in Photorealistic VR & XR Environments

See every detail near and far, read even the smallest text, and train in completely realistic immersive environments – all with Lenovo Workstations and the human-eye resolution of Varjo’s Bionic Display™.

Bring the tiniest details and the big picture into never-before-seen focus, allowing professionals like pilots, industrial engineers, heavy machinery operators and others to train safely, effectively and remotely – with the extreme and uncompromising visual fidelity their work demands.


Medical & Healthcare

The Ultimate & Highest-End VR & XR for Medical Professionals

Transform how you interact with and visualize medical data, and utilize VR for true 3D human-eye resolution quality. Plus, reduce cognitive load in education, and achieve better and safer training results with immersive Virtual & Mixed Reality (XR) simulations.

Designed for the most demanding use cases, Lenovo Workstations are configured with NVIDIA RTX GPUs. They deliver the high-end, consistent performance needed to drive the Varjo Technologies human-eye resolution VR/XR devices. Together, they create a revolutionary solution for medical professionals who want to explore immersive applications.

Lenovo & Varjo are Ushering in a New Way to Explore Medicine

With the power of Lenovo ThinkStation Workstations and the Varjo Bionic Display, even the most complex anatomical structures and their properties can be represented and explored in a true-to-life virtual environment. Varjo’s devices have a resolution of over 70 pixels per degree (ppd), which is multiple times higher than any other VR headset on the market today.

Paired with NVIDIA RTX professional GPUs inside certified Lenovo Workstations, clinicians and students can explore 3D models and medical images more realistically than ever before, advancing medical education and training to help accomplish more effective procedures and treatments.


Visualize Medical Datasets in
Ultra-High-Resolution 3D

Moving traditional medical image visualization to virtual reality enables professionals to visualize human anatomy in a photorealistic way. Now, they can explore true-to-life, highly detailed medical images in 3D, and collaborate with other physicians in real time for faster results.

Safety - Green

Maximize Patient Safety with Immersive
Pre-Operation Training

Improve pre-operative planning by allowing surgeons and medical professionals to train for complex procedures in human-eye resolution virtual and mixed reality. Dramatically improve patient safety and procedure accuracy like never before.

Engaging Education

Create More Engaging Education

High-resolution 3D models of the human anatomy enable medical students to interact intuitively, like no other training medium. Rendering the human body in human-eye resolution delivers a truly immersive learning experience that not only improves adoption, but also helps reduce cognitive load.


Achieve Better Training Results

Train and collaborate with other clinicians on real medical scenarios in VR/XR, transferring knowledge and improving procedural understanding before operations.

Smarter Technology in Action

ProVR Lenovo ThinkReality

Lenovo ThinkReality

In addition to Lenovo ProXR Solutions with Varjo, the Lenovo ThinkReality platform provides a proven, scalable, and streamlined path from proof of concept to productivity for AR/VR applications in your enterprise.


ProVR Aston Martin

Aston Martin and Lenovo Partnership

See how Lenovo Workstations drive Aston Martin’s pursuit of perfection across workflows.


ProVR New Reality

Accelerating a New Reality

See how Varjo and Lenovo Workstations, powered by NVIDIA, are transforming the way professionals invent, design and power experiences with ProVR.


ProVR CloudXR

Lenovo Remote Streaming Solutions with CloudXR

Take wireless VR/XR streaming to the edge, and leverage 5G & Wi-Fi networks to deliver fully immersive remote VR/XR experiences to any Android or Windows client device. Powered by NVIDIA CloudXR.


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