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Lenovo Smart Collaboration Portfolio

Explore Lenovo ThinkSmart solutions, purpose-built to improve productivity and collaboration.

ThinkSmart One + Controller
One + Controller

ThinkSmart One + Controller

Experience next-generation design and technology with the world’s first Windows-based integrated collaboration bar. ThinkSmart One is the first of its kinds to include a high-resolution camera, premium audio, mic array, and a powerful compute running Microsoft Windows – all in a compact form factor.

Core Full Room Kit

ThinkSmart Core Full Room Kit

Get conferences up and running in no time – no matter the size of your meeting place. The ThinkSmart Core Full Room Kit provides everything that’s needed to completely equip conference and huddle rooms. A one-stop shop for unified communication, the kit includes the ThinkSmart Core, ThinkSmart Cam, ThinkSmart Bar with two mic pods, and choice of ThinkSmart Controller or Lenovo IP Controller.

Core + Controller

ThinkSmart Core + Controller

To bring together custom or unique A/V solutions, all you need is the powerful ThinkSmart Core + Controller, powered by Intel vPro® with Intel® Core processor. Choose between the ThinkSmart Controller or Lenovo IP Controller to connect, run meetings, and share content seamlessly in rooms of all sizes.

Bar XL

ThinkSmart Bar XL

Make sure everyone is heard loud and clear with the immersive audio experience delivered by the ThinkSmart Bar XL. Stereo speakers and four built-in mics with 180-degree coverage, ensure crystal-clear communication for more productive meetings. With a speaker and mic range of 8.5m and up to two additional satellite mics, the ThinkSmart Bar XL is ideal for a wide range of room sizes, including X-Large. 


ThinkSmart Bar

Make meetings an immersive, productive experience where everyone feels they are in the same room, with the ThinkSmart Bar. Specially designed for video conferencing, whether in huddle rooms or a home office, the sound bar offers outstanding audio quality, exceptional scalability, and plug-and-play manageability. 


ThinkSmart Cam

Easily capture everyone and everything within your video conference with the ThinkSmart Cam. Great for any size of room the AI-driven smart camera was designed for video collaboration. It’s high resolution and wide field of view, backed with smart features like auto-framing, auto-zoom, and whiteboard awareness, make for better, more engaging meetings.


ThinkSmart Hub

This all-in-one solution transforms any room into a conference space, specially designed for Microsoft Teams Rooms or Zoom Rooms. Start meetings with a single tap, using a rotatable touchscreen display, four built-in speakers and dual array mics.

Google Meet

Google Meet Series One Room Kits

Transform small, medium and large rooms with our range of turnkey solutions, specially designed to enhance collaboration using the Google Meet platform. Enterprise-grade components make these kits the first of their kind to carry the Series One designation.

Set employees up for success in a work-from-anywhere world

Flexibility is a key consideration for the modern workforce. Now that more employees than ever are working remotely, businesses need purpose-built hardware, software and services that enable more effective collaboration for individual workers.


Smart Collaboration,
designed by you

Use our room configurator to find the perfect combination of tools, no matter your platform, for a more productive hybrid workforce.


Transform any space into a workspace

Engineered to make remote working effortless, Lenovo Go accessories are easy to use, store, and carry. These new plug-and-play devices turn any space into a mobile office, boosting productivity levels and enhancing team collaboration along the way.

Do the Unthinkable

The ThinkBook family is engineered to suit your workforce’s needs. From power users to creative professionals, Lenovo can help you discover unthinkable innovation, sustainability, and performance from one device to the next.

High performance comes from within

Digital natives expect more flexibility in their work than ever, while needing powerful devices for specialized tasks. Enabling your workforce with reliable and innovative technology – like that of a ThinkPad – is crucial for keeping the pace.

Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic is now available at no additional cost (£0 per device per month) with the purchase of a Teams certified device.

It provides core meeting experiences, like scheduling, joining meetings, content sharing, and collaborative whiteboarding.

And when you need more advanced features to boost business, it can be upgraded to Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro for enterprise-ready capabilities.

With a Pro license, get enhanced in-room meeting experiences like intelligent audio/video, dual screen support, and the full set of device management capabilities.


ThinkSmart Manager

Manage all your devices from a single console

With the increasing number of remote workers, IT managers may have a difficult time maintaining devices and ensuring their security. ThinkSmart’s smart management platform makes it easy for your IT team to monitor, deploy, and troubleshoot your entire fleet of ThinkSmart devices from anywhere. Using a dedicated manageability console, you can monitor and control devices in real-time, saving time and resources for your IT operations. Choose Premium plans for additional features.

Professional Services

Personalized services for maximum productivity

Our specialists provide end-to-end support, from customized assessments through to deployment and ongoing maintenance to ensure your Smart Collaboration solution works smoothly.


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