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Sep 18

Working From Home: Improving Wi-Fi performance

Here are some less well-known ways to improve connection speeds on home Wi-Fi networks…Change the channel that the router is transmitting on by using a free phone app to check which channel has the...
Sep 11

Working From Home: Staying healthy & productive

When working from home for long hours each day, it's important to create a comfortable environment. Computer screens, TVs and smartphones emit blue-light that can damage our health. Studies show that...
Sep 11

Working From Home: Web conferencing

With the right technology, web conferencing can make working from home a much more social and productive experience. Audio quality A common problem on conference calls is echo, which is caused by the...
Sep 11

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Aug 7

Save Time & Improve Performance with Less Preloaded Software

Unlike software that is essential to productivity and security, unnecessary preloaded apps can get in the way of a smooth user experience. This can cause issues on devices related to security, storage...
Dec 11