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Best Small Business Apps That Power Change

Technology moves fast. Every month, new tools come out that are transforming how companies are doing business.

Two Webconnex companies, RegFox, an event-registration company, and GivingFuel, an online fundraising company, have staff across the country spanning many time zones. We try a host of new technology tools all the time to give our small team a big edge in streamlining our work.

Check out these 22 tools to get an edge of your own.

Artificial intelligence for scheduling

Never waste another hour trying to coordinate a meeting time again. AI-powered virtual assistants like Clara and X are transforming how people schedule time. Just cc your virtual assistant that coordinates the rest.

Team communication outside of email

Internal email threads take up a lot of time. Say goodbye to internal emails by adopting Slack, a brilliant communication system. The beauty of slack is not just the chat, but the integrations. At Webconnex, All our servers, systems, bug reports, project management tools, support tickets, and even uptime alerts integrate into this one system.

Bots for team automation

Chat systems like Slack and Messenger have seen an explosion of automation through the use of bots. You can configure bots to remind team members, check in on progress, coordinate meetings, or notify the team when something is done. Check out Botlist to browse hundreds of useful bots already out in the market.

Human task automation at scale

Have a massive project that needs a lot of man power? CloudFactory is an innovative company that can unleash thousands of people to work on tasks in micro portions. Then they deliver a completed project done to perfection.

Sales automation and prospecting

Sales prospecting stinks, but there are a few tools that make it less painful. Tools like, and LeadFuze take the pain out of prospecting and follow-up. They can send the right message at the right time and frequency.

Get real product insights

Customer interviews don’t always tell the truth. Want to know how usable your software or website is? Try installing Inspectlet or FullStory, which replay recorded sessions from actual customer interactions.

Make powerful apps work together

There are hundreds of services that do one thing well. Yet you might not be able to use one because you desperately need it to integrate with some other service. With Zapier and IFTTT, you can build an integration between any app, with a just few clicks.

Team communication for distributed teams

With a distributed team, face-to-face interaction is critical. We use Zoom dozens of times a day to whip up a quick face-to-face chat over video. We don’t know why it’s so much better than Skype or Hangouts; it just is.

Social media in minutes

If you don’t have a dedicated social media team, have no fear. You can still be awesome without the massive hours spent managing posts. We love Buffer to help schedule social media postings in bulk. You also can get a digest showing you who is talking about you online, using tools like Mention and Google Alerts.

Get in touch with anyone

Need to get in touch with a specific person but don’t have a common connection? Services like FindAnyEmailEmailHunter, and VoilaNorbert help you find any person’s real email address.

Know your customer better

Sometimes you may only have an email address for your customer. Want to know more demographic information about them? Use FullContact, who uses a variety of data sources to gather all the vital insights on your customers.

Supercharge customer support

Task artificial intelligence and machine learning to help handle your customer support demands. DigitalGenius will learn answers to support questions and respond on your behalf. AnswerDash overlays your helpdesk links on top of your webpages so customers have contextual support links.

These automation resources are purposed to help optimize how your company works. We hope these resources are useful to you. Do you have any tools and services that are helping you optimize your company? Just let us know.