Distance Learning

Bring your classroom to life online

Distance Learning Software and Resources

Distance Learning Software and Resources

The best devices in the world run Windows 10 Pro.

We’re pairing devices with software to meet distance learning needs.

Modern classrooms are a vibrant hub for sharing new knowledge, collaborating with others, and providing real- time feedback. It takes more than a screen to rebuild this environment online when students are learning remotely.

Support your student devices with the latest software that provides robust security, analytics, classroom management, instructional resources, and multimedia tools. Lenovo is making it easier than ever to assess your needs and include these tools in your product purchase. Lenovo recommends Windows 10 Pro for business.

The result is a complete distance learning experience that truly brings classrooms to life online in a safe and secure environment.


We help you think ahead

Empower your teachers and students with unique remote learning content and tools.

Simplify by purchasing devices and software together.

Plan ahead for security and device health.

Three distance learning software categories

Lenovo has curated a suite of options to help you get started. Each of these porfolios works seamlessly with student devices.


Cybersecurity & Student Safety

Track, assess, and protect remote devices 24/7. IT admins can secure student devices against cyberattacks, manage versions, monitor device health, and report on device and software usage. Plus, comprehensive content filtering and student monitoring keeps students safe.

  • Content filtering
  • Student safety
  • Next-gen anti-virus
  • Device security

Remote Class Management

Manage live class sessions effectively with tools to share and filter content. Teachers can maximize the benefits of technology while creating a customized, distraction-free classroom.

  • Screen monitoring
  • Content delivery
  • Collaboration tools
  • Video conferencing

Instructional Resources

Challenge students with engaging learning tasks. Teachers can provide interactive lessons, web-based VR content, and high-quality, standards- based STEM activities.

  • Tech-enabled social learning
  • STEM & CTE readiness
  • Digital creation tools

Related Distance Learning Resources

Lenovo, along with internal and external partners Microsoft and Google, have created these free and available resources with you in mind.

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Limited Time Offers


Microsoft is offering a free online version of Office with email, video conferencing, customized hub for class teamwork with Microsoft Teams.


Advanced hangouts meet video-conferencing capabilities are now free through July 1, 2020 for all G Suite and G Suite for Education customers globally.

Smarter Way Forward

Read this infographic for IDC’s guidance on technology in education

Schools and colleges faced major challenges when they were suddenly forced into having to teach remotely. Yet the disruption has shown how new learning experiences can be delivered using technology.

Read our ‘Believe in a brighter future for schools’ infographic to discover eight key guidance points from IDC research on how best to move forward.

guidance on technology in education

Gain insights from IDC on enabling flexible teaching practices

Read this IDC InfoBrief, ‘Reimagining the future of learning in the digital era’, to learn how schools and colleges in your region are using technology to reinvent themselves.

There’s an overview of what’s happening in education just now, some research-based predictions for the future, then IDC’s eight ‘essential guidance’ recommendations for ensuring maximum success.