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Forget the future: intelligent transformation is already at work

Intelligent transformation is here and it’s making digital transformation look like old-school thinking. But if you’re already involved in digital transformation – and who isn’t? – where does digital stop and intelligent start?
Mar 11

Mobile cyber threats: start with a blank page

In the real world and in the digital environment, security is about so much more than simply putting up fences or checking credentials. It begins with the design of the systems you want to protect, whether they are towns and communities, or devices and the infrastructures that connect them. Stuart Constable shows why your systems need to be secure by design.
Feb 15

Solution Brochure: Maximum Productivity for a Mobile Workforce

End-to-end IT Infrastructure Solutions to Ensure a Productive Mobile Workforce
Dec 13

Mobile technology that makes a difference

Lenovo mobile devices are engineered with the needs of every user in mind.
Dec 4

Solution Brief: The Mobile Generation

Working anywhere, any time is no longer an exception, but the rule.
Aug 28

Weighing up the pros and cons of BYOD

Is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy the fast track to cost savings or a one-way street to a security nightmare?
Jul 29