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Computer, Cyber, & Network Security
for Financial Service Companies

Transform the way you do business with modern devices powered by latest technologies that enable superior customer experience, offer robust security and ensure maximum workforce productivity.

Don’t Let Technology Slow You Down

Signs that your endpoint devices are holding you back
Your online presence is lacking, leading customers to compare you unfavourably with competitors
Branch personnel don’t have the powerful, secure mobile devices necessary to offer personalized advice to customers
Inability to deliver fully digital experiences is an obstacle to attracting new, young customers
Security breaches and cybercrime cause downtime and increase costs
Mobile devices lack user access technologies to guard against unauthorized access and identity fraud
Computers and peripherals lack strong security against malware and other cyber-threats
Lack of modern mobile technology causes customer-facing ‘road warriors’ to express frustration
Employees' devices lack portability or have limited connectivity options
Inadequate portable devices limit branch personnel from offering customers full and timely services
Lenovo solutions are driving digital transformation in the financial services industry

Explore the Building Blocks of Lenovo's Financial Services Solutions

Technology that Drives the New Customer Experience
Lenovo's cutting-edge technology solutions are transforming the financial services industry for a better tomorrow.


Financial institutions count on their employees to help push the limits of the customer experience. For that, employees need powerful, secure technology solutions that are flexible enough to meet the needs of an evolving, mobile workforce.

Sales & Account Managers

Deliver flawless presentations while keeping customer data secure. Their job role demands highly portable devices with uncompromised performance and security.

Recommended Products

ThinkPad E Series laptops are rugged enough to handle daily wear and tear, with features like the award-winning ThinkPad keyboard.
They’re rigorously-tested to ensure that wherever users go, productivity follows.
Lenovo Tablets are a truly convenient solution for customer-facing financial services professionals. They are versatile and can tackle virtually any task – from making presentations to accessing web applications to capturing data.
ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 docks deliver 40Gbps file transfers for data-intensive applications, and connect dual 4K displays to support data analysis.

Big Data Analysts

Work with extremely large datasets to unlock insights. Their job role demands powerful workstations with fast processing, and clear, crisp displays for effective data visualization.

Recommended Products

ThinkStation professional workstations are powered by the latest Intel® Xeon processors to run the most sophisticated data analysis.
ThinkVision P Series monitors provide outstanding clarity and a huge viewing surface for analysts working with extensive datasets.

Stock Traders

Handle high-speed, high-volume trading demands. These employees need powerful, reliable devices for rapid execution of trades and multiple high-definition displays to process huge volumes of data instantly.

Recommended Products

ThinkStation professional workstations are powered by the latest Intel® Xeon processors handle large data sets and execute trades fast.
ThinkVision P Series monitors deliver the QHD resolution for better data visualization, and the NearEdgeless screens are perfect for daisy chaining.

Investment Bankers

View and analyse secure financial data from multiple sources. They need powerful devices with superior displays to be productive all day long.

Recommended Products

ThinkCentre M Series towers deliver enterprise-level power and expandability to handle financial data, with high-end security.
ThinkVision P Series monitors daisy chain to extend screen real estate for displaying large amounts of data or multiple applications.

Financial Planners

Juggle multiple applications while ensuring confidentiality of customer information. Their job role requires mobile devices that process data quickly and securely.

Recommended Products

ThinkPad X1 laptops are ultra-light and ultra-portable, with the power of 8th Generation Intel® Core vPro Processors and robust features for top-of-the-line security.
Lenovo 2-in-1s convert seamlessly between laptop, tablet, tent and stand modes for work or presentation, and they’re packed with features like immersive 4K touchscreen and iron-clad security.
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Case Study

As the Philippines' fastest-growing consumer-focused bank, EastWest Bank wanted to re-engineer and upgrade its end-user computing infrastructure. Lenovo devices with Windows 10 Pro proved to be the best fit for the company's stringent requirements for diversity, security, performance, and budget.

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5 Reasons Why Lenovo is a Difference Maker

Trusted around the world

We have a presence in 160 countries with 3,000 field service locations and over 150,000 partners. Big company or small enterprise–we understand the significant role that IT plays in business. So, irrespective of your location, you will find support when you need it.

Expertise across categories

Lenovo is the world's only company with expertise in smartphones, PCs and enterprise equipment; our know-how can help to empower your business to achieve maximum productivity.

Confidence in our products

From MIL-SPEC testing for ThinkPads to a battery of tests for servers and other PCs, we ensure that our reliable business products live up to their reputation so you can focus on your business and experience uninterrupted productivity.

Business-boosting technology

We provide complete solutions to help you unlock more value from IT investments. Our products range from lightweight and durable laptops to modern desktops with more power and larger screens, making your workforce productive, no matter where they work.

Flexible support network

Experienced real engineers solve hardware and software issues with Premier Support. Protect hardware, data, and even batteries with our Protection Services to ensure optimum productivity at all times.
A great customer experience delivers a competitive edge for today's financial institutions. From ultra-portable tablets and laptops for customer-facing employees to powerful, secure workstations for analysts and back-office personnel, Lenovo helps unlock more value from your IT investments.