Remote Workplace Webinar





We know that these challenging times have disrupted many businesses with employees unable to come into the office. With this shift to remote working, how can companies ensure continued collaboration and productivity?  

The purpose of the webinar video, is to help you enhance remote collaboration and productivity during these challenging times, and beyond. The video will provide you with an insider view how Lenovo factors data into decision-making, reveal proven tips and tricks we’ve implemented for a successful remote working ecosystem, and more.

Remote work-focused content from the webinar addressed by our guest speakers includes:

  • Trends in today’s business environment – the shift to remote working
  • What does remote working mean for the future of work
  • What role will technology take to ensure businesses keep moving forward during disruption
  • How can businesses prepare employees for this new remote working reality
  • How Lenovo technology can help support remote worker solutions


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