Business continuity; a success story.

Business continuity; a success story.

Business Continuity is the contingency plan every prescient business leader ought to have in place. Put simply, business continuity is designed to deal with disruptions, difficult situations and emergencies so your business can continue as usual and meet objectives with minimal interference.




As businesses continue to enter the digital ecosystem in droves, preparing for worst-case scenario events and protecting IT infrastructure is paramount. How prepared an organisation is, determines how rapidly a business can recover. 

A successful business continuity plan understands all the possible potential threats to their business and assesses the impact such an event might have on their operations. Plus, it mitigates threats and ensures mission-critical operations can still function in the event of a worst-case scenario. 

In August 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated Southeast Texas, destroying homes and businesses across the state. One small internet marketing firm, however, survived the chaos that ensued.

Located on the second floor of an office building, the agency flooded when Lake Houston overflowed. Ravaged by a torrent of water and mould, the company never returned. 

Storing most of their data on the cloud, they'd worked remotely for many years before the disaster struck, and their operations remained unaffected.  

How would your business fare in a disaster? A carefully crafted continuity plan can help your organisation avert crisis even in the most challenging of circumstances. Whatever sector you’re in we’ve got the technology to help you prepare your own continuity plan.  


Work remotely

As a result of the pandemic, many of us are used to remote working, but ensuring your employees can work from anywhere minimises the impact of significant disruptions. Using workstream collaboration is one way to collaborate, communicate and share files. Providing your employees with the right technology can ensure smooth collaboration. 

With Lenovo ThinkBooks, you can empower your workforce to work productively no matter where they are. Designed with intuitive features to help focus attention on the task at hand, reduce distractions and improve time management. Built with the latest processors, fastest connectivity and stunning displays, these laptops can help you minimise disruptions. 

The Lenovo ThinkBook Gen 2 series features a 16:10 OLED screen with 400 bits brightness is a high-performance computer designed for high performers. 


Backup your data

Data loss can have severe consequences for your business. After all, many businesses depend on data - it's the most valuable asset and includes everything from software, operating systems, files, emails and more. Loss of data, including your customers' data, can cause reputational damage beyond repair. 

Backing up data is essential for business continuity. Don't forget to back up devices such as laptops and data on servers and network drives. Consider cloud technology to help you back up both on-premise and in the cloud. Although it won't prevent data loss, you can recover your data fast in the case of an emergency so your business can continue without disruptions. 

Though, it's worth ensuring your cloud partner can still resume operations after an emergency. In an event where you are ready to resume business but your cloud partner is not, your business will suffer. 


Invest in cybersecurity

As businesses continue to digitise and increase their reliance on IT for crucial business functions, cyber-attacks can wreak havoc on critical operations. The shift towards remote working, digital transformation, and the cloud increases the attack surfaces available to cybercriminals. Every business continuity plan should include cybersecurity, as it helps detect threats and ensures rapid response and attack recovery solutions in the event of a successful attack. 

Demonstrating resilience in times of adversity instils faith and confidence in your business. A business continuity plan can protect your data, reputation, and business operations from pre-crisis preparation to fast incident response and post-incident recovery. Laying the foundations for longevity and long-term success will futureproof your business for uncertain times ahead. 


Get time on your side and ensure business continuity.

The right technology, which runs on the built for business Intel® vPro® platform, gets you everything you need to run productively and helps you and your employees win back precious time so that you can minimise downtime and disruptions. 


Futureproof your business.