Everything as a service: The choice of responsible employers.

Everything as a service: The choice of responsible employers.

71% of job seekers want to work for an environmentally sustainable company. And around half of them would take a pay cut to do so. This means that if you are looking to attract the best talent, you need to think about sustainability.


Simplifying the way your company purchases things would not only make it more efficient, agile and profitable, it would also help differentiate your recruitment offering.

The pandemic has made people realize that life is short and best spent wisely. And the growing urgency of climate change means that many of us are now thinking about how we can contribute to the solution rather than the problem.

As a result, employees are putting pressure on businesses to act responsibly. Building a profitable business is no longer good enough – you need to build a business that is socially and environmentally responsible.

Luckily, most large organisations are well on their way to becoming responsible employers, running community engagement programs, setting Net Zero goals, going paperless, etc.

Now it’s time to move up a level. The organizations that are really committed to following environmentally friendly business practices are turning to Everything as a Service (XaaS) to purchase less equipment, use it more efficiently, and minimize waste.


What is XaaS?

XaaS is a consumption model that is good for the environment as well as for your business. It’s all about only using (and paying for) what you actually need, splitting the costs with other organizations, and reducing waste.

You already know the benefits of Software as a Service, namely that you only pay for what you use, can add more licenses easily as your business grows, and benefit from regular, behind-the-scenes maintenance and security updates.

XaaS adds everything else to the mix – including hardware, platforms, infrastructure, and intangible services – improving the employee experience and creating a circular economy.


Why is XaaS an environmentally responsible choice?

The XaaS model incentivizes technology providers like us to design longer-lasting products that can be used more intensively, and to build in maintenance, repair, reuse, remanufacturing, refurbishing, and recycling.

This creates a circular economy, which reduces waste and is better for the environment.

And, by focusing on customer needs, flexibility, and performance, XaaS enables suppliers to build stronger long-term customer relationships that deliver greater value to customers.

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