New-gen laptops for next-generation working

New-gen laptops for next-generation working

It's getting harder and harder to predict what should be the 'standard' environment for next generation working. In the evolving era of work anywhere you need technology that is flexible and powerful enough to meet any circumstance. That’s why new generation laptops, like the ThinkBook Gen 2 family, offer the ease-of-use to reduce interruptions; the connectivity to simplify collaboration; and the innovative tools to do any job.



It is almost impossible to know what the standard working environment should be in the new digital era. Everyone’s idea of what they need is different. The new normal is that there is no normal.

The only certainty is that the work anywhere culture that was accelerated by the pandemic will continue to grow. Many people have found that they can perform most of their work tasks remotely and don’t want to go back to working like before. Even those employers who are expecting their people to return to office, at some point, recognise there is likely to be a big element of remote working, long-term.


Work experience is now life experience

This move is more than just a shift in working practice. It means, according to Harvard Business Review1, a fundamental change for you as an employer. You are no longer managing an employee’s work experience but their life experience.

This means supporting a new flexibility in where, when and how people work — and ensuring they have the technology to achieve their goals.

Providing this support will boost performance, says Gartner2, by improving physical and mental health. Their research found a 21% increase in number of high performers in companies that offered such support compared with those that didn’t.

The new focus, believes Gartner, should be on measuring employee output not hours worked. Instrumental to this is ensuring your people have the technology that’s flexible enough to allow them to work the way they do best – so they are more productive.


Technology as individual as your team

But how do you prepare, when each of your team will want a setup that’s as individual as them? Trust in the next generation of laptops. They can help you to be ready for anything, by providing flexible options that enable users to adapt to any situation.

For example, the new Lenovo Gen 2 ThinkBooks are designed on the basis of insights from real-world customer experience.

They include the convenience of the most responsive touch screen possible plus new thinner, lighter models that feature low blue-light, Eyesafe® displays.

They have more raw power, with a choice of processors including AMD Ryzen™, in a compact form that will fit a small working space.

Intel® Thunderbolt 4™ ports offer better connectivity, while wireless recharging with the optional ThinkBook Charging Mat, ensures a longer battery life, up to 24 hours.

Distraction-free, multi-tasking is easier thanks to a bigger e-Ink cover that saves time and increases productivity.

So now in the midst of the work anywhere revolution, where a laptop is often a users’ closest workmate, you have the reassurance of knowing that they will have the tools at hand to do their job well.


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