Why is now the right time to embrace the intelligence revolution?

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Embracing the Intelligence Revolution

We are currently in the middle of an ‘information explosion’. 44 trillion gigabits of data will be used every day by 2020, with computing capacity increasing 100,000-fold over the next 20 years. This is transforming industries, creating endless possibilities to solving humanity’s challenges, and significantly increasing productivity and competitiveness.


While artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and cloud continue to feature among the hottest tech trends, many in the enterprise space are still unsure of the potential impact on their businesses. In short, they are essentially tools that drive the ‘Intelligence Revolution’.

Intelligence revolution in action

A tangible example can be seen through the work on chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). A study, run at the Lenovo-powered Barcelona Supercomputer Center involved analyzing 20,000 human genes and isolating CLL mutations down to just four genes. This groundbreaking work has enabled a significantly greater understanding of the disease and, more importantly, the ways in which it can be treated.

Another example is our customer Vestas, the global leader in wind energy. There are over 33,500 wind turbines connected to the Vestas grid today, all of which stream huge volumes of operational data real time, 24/7. By running in-depth analysis, the data can be transformed into actionable insights; for example, the optimal location for a turbine can be pinpointed to ensure customers obtain the best energy output, increasing their revenues.

But clearly, the power of supercomputing goes way beyond healthcare and energy. Organisations across industries, from media to manufacturing, retail to education, are now infinitely more powerful thanks to vastly increasing computing capacities. Now add AI and this superintelligence catapults you straight towards the intelligence revolution.

In this context, the collection, analysis and prediction of information underpins success.

Lenovo's AI approach

Lenovo takes a multiple-pronged approach to AI, which helps customers to more easily access supercomputing and AI resources. We work with customers to explore and experiment their ideas in our innovation lab in Stuttgart, Germany. We provide AI-optimised hardware, management software that accelerates deployment of AI applications, and professional services expertise. And the combination offers customers of all sizes a complete, end-to-end and cost-effective path to extracting real value from this intelligence.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data and cloud are crucial in helping businesses move at speed, with direction. Ultimately, they fundamentally transform the way business is done, enabling companies to use technology to derive value from data in order to drive immersive and human-centric experiences. Welcome to the intelligence revolution.