Smarter rethinks collaboration with Microsoft

Collaboration starts with Microsoft Teams

Purpose-built technology for Microsoft’s leading communication platform.

Whether fully remote, or in a hybrid working environment, as of 2022, Microsoft Teams has worldwide daily active users surpassing 270 million*. That’s why we’ve put our ThinkSmart portfolio through rigorous certification processes to meet Microsoft’s high audio and video standards – bringing you superior collaboration, communication, and productivity.


ThinkSmart Core Kits

Cover more ground with our modular room solutions

Make creating collaboration spaces easy with ThinkSmart Core Kits. Each kit contains a ThinkSmart Core computer and your choice of ThinkSmart Controller or Lenovo IP Controller. The room kit also includes ThinkSmart Bar 180 for premium audio/video or ThinkSmart Cam with ThinkSmart Bar XL.

ThinkSmart One + Controller

The only Windows-based collaboration solution

The world’s first and only Windows-based collaboration solution. ThinkSmart One’s compact form factor easily runs small and medium meetings with the powerful 11th Gen Intel Core™ vPro® i5 processors and upgraded Windows 11 OS. This front-of-room bar integrates a high-res camera with a wide field of view and premium sound for immersive conversations. Combine with either ThinkSmart Controller or Lenovo IP Controller to easily manage your meetings.


ThinkSmart Hub for Microsoft Teams Rooms

Bring everyone together

The impressive ThinkSmart Hub Gen 2 is a compact conferencing upgrade from traditional speakerphones. Its familiar center-of-table form factor delivers better controls, inclusive audio, and reliable hardware all built on the trusted Lenovo compute. And multitasking is faster and more secure than ever with Windows 11, enhanced 16GB memory, and Intel vPro® with Intel® Core™ i5 processors.

Take control of your meetings

All Lenovo ThinkSmart Core kits come with either the Lenovo ThinkSmart Controller or Lenovo IP Controller. Sleek and sophisticated with a high-end low-profile design, the Lenovo IP Controller creates a clean aesthetic ideal for the modern workplace. It meets the growing demands for tabletop HDMI access with no lag with easy-to-use Ethernet connectivity (CAT5e) with PoE.

Both controllers can sit on a desk or conference table, but the Lenovo IP Controller can be wall mounted for an even cleaner aesthetic and to free up table space.


Lenovo ThinkSmart and Windows 11 power your IT

Managing a dispersed workforce can take its toll on your IT. Together with Windows 11, Lenovo ThinkSmart solutions keep your work-from-anywhere people productive with comprehensive out-of-the-box security, business-grade tools, and consistent modern security management.

Explore a new way of working

Wherever your remote workers do business, empower them with the right technology. Transforming spaces into connected and collaborative meeting rooms has never been more seamless with our range of specialized solutions, designed to enable flexibility, productivity, and collaboration.


Now including Microsoft Teams Rooms

Every Microsoft Team certified device includes Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic at no extra costs. Upgrade to Pro anytime to enjoy enhanced in-room meeting experiences such as intelligent audio/video, dual screen support, and more enterprise-ready features.

Ready for smarter collaboration?

Get in touch with our specialists who can give you more information on how Lenovo ThinkSmart solutions can help employees work more effectively with Microsoft Teams.