Workplace Analytics

Understand the what, where and when of space utilization to optimize occupancy

Lenovo’s Workplace Analytics solution will show you how to optimize your workspaces

With innovative technology, Lenovo Workplace Analytics solution will give you insights into whether your workspace is under- or over-utilized.

We’ll help you define your employee personas, and inform the design requirements for meeting rooms, collaborative spaces to meet their needs. And we’ll show you how the solution enhances productivity and employee engagement.

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How To Optimize Your Workplace Post Covid webinar

The way employees work has changed drastically and continues to do so. Hear from our experts on how to turn this in to an opportunity and provide a positive back to work experience with Lenovo’s Workplace Analytics Solution.

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What are the key benefits?


Space optimization

Dashboards give you granular understanding of space usage, with comparisons across different types of space.


Workplace effectiveness

We’ll provide you with comprehensive analysis on the effective use of space – including fullness of rooms and no-shows.


Employee engagement

The solution will also give you thorough analysis of persona-based behaviors, as well as real-time experiential applications.


Privacy protection

Sensors collect data anonymously, detecting workspace use with heat and motion rather than cameras or other invasive methods. Get report information about various work zones, while still maintaining employee privacy.

Key features


Accurate and actionable sensor-based insights

Always-on sensors provide 99.7% data accuracy, with key observations including desk utilization clusters, occupancy compliancy and employee proximity. Insights help you to understand workplace effectiveness for portfolio planning.


Respect of privacy and data security

Using heat and motion, the solution measures space, not people. There are no cameras or listening devices embedded in the hardware; the dedicated network uses Wirepas protocol, ensuring industry standards and encryption for data privacy.


Ease of installation

The solution is battery powered, and does not require additional wiring or alteration of physical space. It offers a tunable field of view, with mounting under the desk or on the ceiling; there is a removable sticker. No node-to-gateway configuration is necessary, as gateway beacons signal to local sensors to identify themselves.

The solution in action

A global fast food chain achieved a 50% reduction of its Toronto regional office, reducing footprint/seat. It reduced costs by 50%, saving an estimated $1M.

Keep it simple
with Lenovo

Easy to deploy, enterprise-wide

Rapid solution installation

  • Pre-installation site surveys
  • Global deployment expertise

Simplified solution management

  • Proactive 24x7 remote health monitoring
  • Global field service repair network
  • Consistent support for all your solutions


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