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Smarter keeps your tech, and your business, safe from security threats

World-class, end-to-end security solutions. From the factory, to supply, to the hands of your hybrid workforce.


New security solutions, for new security problems

More companies than ever are embracing hybrid work environments. But as the technology to serve those working from anywhere grows more sophisticated, so do the techniques to exploit it.

New security solutions must meet the needs of the modern workplace. As cyberattacks and security threats grow more sophisticated, IT’s job is getting harder.


Don’t be a statistic


$4.24 million The global average cost of a data breach in 2021.1


of IT professionals found that the frequency of endpoint attacks had increased since 2020.2


50% raise in cyber attacks on corporate networks, only during the last 12 months.3


of organizations hit by a successful ransomware attack in 2021.2


287 days The average time to identify and contain data breaches.4


Reduced cost from a breach when AI and Automation are implemented.4


ThinkShield security portfolio

Lenovo offers a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end security tools that encompasses hardware, software, services, and processes, safeguarding the entire lifecycle of your device.


Managed Security with ThinkShield

Lenovo Managed Services by ThinkShield manages every aspect of your workforce’s security - from the endpoints to end-users - no matter where they’re working.

Lenovo partners with Intel to ensure device security from the factory floor to you

Intel® Trusted
Device Setup

For devices with the Intel vPro® platform, Trusted Device Setup seals software at the point of manufacturing, protecting it until first boot and securing your tech from the get-go.


Intel® Transparent
Supply Chain

Intel® Transparent Supply Chain brings Lenovo security into the transport and delivery cycle with a documented, auditable supply chain security program.

Cyber Invaders
Catch Me If You Can!

Learn how to defend your business from threats with cybersecurity industry experts including Kevin Mitnick, formerly the World’s Most Wanted Hacker. Along with teams from Lenovo and Intel®, learn about the cyber hacker evolution and real life security breaches in this webinar.



Better Together – Partnering industry leaders to build your cybersecurity resiliency

Integrate SentinelOne into your Lenovo devices, delivering real-time prevention, ActiveEDR, IoT security, and cloud workload protection.


Absolute is a cloud-based SaaS solution that maintains a constant device connection providing the ability to remediate threats in all Lenovo devices.


A unique authentication technology that protects your workforce from login to shut down with an out-of-the-box, seamless & universal passwordless solution.


Mitigate data breach risks with layered management for your endpoints. Trusted globally by Enterprise, SMBs, Healthcare and Education for 30 years.

Watch the best of our Managed Security videos on-demand

Trust no one

Cybercrime is now the world’s most profitable illegal enterprise. Cybercriminals are getting more organized and sophisticated each year. Two veteran CISOs say the only way to beat them is to take a page from the enemy’s playbook.


Ransomware, a
love story

Ransomware attacks have reached record levels, and the breaches aren’t letting up. Two cybersecurity heavyweights talk threat intelligence, business continuity, crime as a service, and the unexpected upside of ransomware.

Get serious on security

Take the next step towards end-to-end IT security and protect your technology, today. Contact your Lenovo Sales Representative to learn how to protect your business.