Downtime? Prevention is always better than cure

Downtime? Prevention is always better than cure

We live and work in an uncertain world. Which makes it doubly important that you take all necessary measures to protect your business, your employees, and your sensitive data. So far, so obvious. What’s less clear is the way forward to ensure business continuity. How do you avoid or mitigate the risks that threaten the smooth running of your business? How do you minimise costly downtime? And where do you turn for expert help?



Let's start with the most profound change that business in general has undergone in recent years; the upsurge in remote working, and the emergence of the hybrid worker. 

Keeping your mobile employees productive is critical

The best way to reduce employee downtime – and boost uptime output – is to work with a technology partner that understands your needs. 

At Lenovo, we know that older devices are more prone to failure. They’re also unlikely to offer the robust levels of security that are essential in a largely cloud-based environment.

So it makes sense to equip your hybrid teams with intelligent modern devices that have designed-in reliability, and built-in ThinkShield security.

Taking everyday knocks, bumps, and spills in their stride, these devices are made to keep on performing. So your mobile workers can use their time profitably to create, collaborate and communicate, rather than dealing with niggling IT issues.

But does that mean the added burden of supporting any-time, any-place workloads falls on hard-pressed IT teams?

Not necessarily. Streamlined support from Lenovo can deal with device damage, software failures, or system updates, anywhere in the world, 24/7.

It gives you and your mobile workers the reassurance of fast problem resolution. It minimises downtime, and data loss. And it frees up IT for more strategic activities. 


Safety first

But it’s not enough to keep people productive. You also have to protect them, their devices, and their data. That’s why Lenovo has an end-to-end approach to safety, from device to solution to service.

For example, by detecting and neutralising threats without interruption, Lenovo solutions powered by the Intel® Evo™ vPro® platform satisfy the productivity needs of employees and security concerns of your IT department alike.

Of course, on the basis that it’s better to buy insurance before something bad happens, having protection already in place is a smart idea. After all, small and medium businesses (SMBs) are just as much a target for cyberattacks as large enterprises.

In fact, no less than one in five small businesses falls victim1. That’s bad news for the 43% of SMBs that don’t have a cybersecurity plan in place. Or the one in five small companies that don’t use endpoint security2.  


Forewarned is forearmed

Preparing for the worst isn’t a pessimistic assessment of likely outcomes. Instead, it’s sound business practice.

At Lenovo, we know the challenges you face, and have products, solutions and services to meet them.

These include resumption planning to accelerate the return to business as usual after a cyber incident, such as a ransomware attack. And solutions to help you press ahead confidently with the digital transformation of your business.


Learn more about business continuity solutions from Lenovo. And start safeguarding the future of your business.


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