Banco Galicia Customer Story

Banco Galicia Customer Story

Smarter keeps digital and in-branch banking services running smoothly.

Part of Grupo Financiero Galicia, Banco Galicia is one of the largest private banks in Argentina, serving more than 4.2 million retail and corporate customers. Headquartered in Buenos Aires, Banco Galicia operates a network of 350 branches and 200 service centers across the country, and employs 7,000 people.

Equipping employees with the right tools
In recent years, the rise of digital and mobile services has transformed the banking experience. Like many leading financial services organizations, Banco Galicia now enables its customers to access services online and on mobile, 24 hours a day.

With more and more people opting for digital banking, Banco Galicia aims to ensure that its customers can easily get in touch with its employees when they need support.

“Contactability can be a key differentiator in today’s banking sector. Customers increasingly expect be able to reach out and get help right away. When a customer calls up, we need to resolve their queries and issues quickly and efficiently. To do that, service center staff rely on our customer support solutions running reliably.”
Fabian Moriano, IT Manager, Banco Galicia

Despite the surge in popularity of digital banking, the in-branch experience still has a key role to play in many customer journeys. Branch personnel also rely on a wide range of software solutions to deliver front-line customer services, so it is vital that these tools are always available during business hours.

One of the leading financial services organizations in Argentina, Banco Galicia provides in-branch, online, and mobile banking services to 4.2 million customers. To ensure employees can always access the tools they need to provide high-quality services, the bank deployed reliable Lenovo ThinkCentre and ThinkPad workstations, backed by 24/7 technical support.

Teaming up with the experts
To ensure high quality of service on every touchpoint, Banco Galicia decided to upgrade many of its employee workstations with Lenovo ThinkCentre desktops and Lenovo ThinkPad laptops.

“We have worked with Lenovo for several years, so we know from experience how reliable, robust, and performant their desktops and laptops are,” says Moriano. “When the time came to refresh a large number of employee workstations, Lenovo was the clear frontrunner.” Banco Galicia operates a large estate of workstations for its 7,000-strong workforce, comprised of Lenovo, Dell, and HPE equipment. Impressed by Lenovo’s professional services offering, the bank chose to outsource all on-site technical support for the entire estate to Lenovo.

“If issues arise, we cannot afford to have workstations offline for long as it risks impacting customer services,” comments Moriano. “What attracted us to the Lenovo Services offering was the fact that it is multi-vendor and covers our entire workstation estate, not just Lenovo equipment.”

Ensuring outstanding customer services
With Lenovo workstations driving both service center and in-branch operations, backed by Lenovo Services, Banco Galicia can ensure seamless customer services across all touchpoints.

Moriano remarks: “The Lenovo ThinkCentre and ThinkPad workstations have proven to be very reliable and very stable. On the rare occasion that issues have cropped up, the Lenovo team has always been extremely quick to respond.”

With Lenovo Services, technical support is available 24/7 with a guaranteed four-hour response time. Crucially, the support contract covers all Banco Galicia branches and service centers, from Buenos Aires to the interior of the country.

“We decided to outsource support to Lenovo because of their technical capabilities, which have proven to be outstanding,” says Moriano. “Knowing that we have a team of experts on hand gives us great peace of mind.”

As well as providing technical support as and when required, the Lenovo team stays in regular contact with the Banco Galicia IT team, and provides detailed reports on service levels, warranties, and more to help proactively address issues.

Moriano concludes: “Lenovo Services has become an extension of our IT team, helping us to keep operations running smoothly. And with ultra-reliable, high-performance workstations from Lenovo, we’re empowering employees to provide exceptional services to customers in branch, online, and on mobile.”