Outsmart attackers with a smarter security stack
Continuous security is critical with devices connected everywhere in the work-from-anywhere era.
Great Resignation
IT in the aftermath of The Great Resignation
How will organizations respond when The Great Resignation slows?
Green credentials are important for a new generation of employees
As an IT leader, you see firsthand the pressure your organization is under to attract and retain top talent. You’re not alone. This is an area of renewed focus in companies of all sizes and across multiple industries.
Next-generation workforce
Meet the next-generation workforce
By 2030, 74% of the workforce will be Gen Z or Millennial — see how technology drives them.1

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Cloud Artikelen

Modernize your workplace for success
Succesvolle bedrijven bieden moderne werkplekken
Moderniseren is cruciaal, maar alles up-to-date houden stelt hoge eisen aan je IT.
Use XaaS to deliver the just-what-I-needed experience in the modern workplace.
Everything as a Service kan voor iedereen werken
Gebruik XaaS om precies te bieden wat er nodig is op de moderne werkplek.
5G: het is tijd om je een grenzeloze wereld voor te stellen.
5G: het is tijd om je een grenzeloze wereld voor te stellen.

Remote Working Solutions Artikelen

From remote to hybrid: how to power productivity anywhere
Van thuiswerken naar hybride werken: zo zorg je dat mensen overal productief kunnen zijn
Welke tools kunnen werkgevers inzetten wanneer ze overstappen van thuiswerken op hybride werken?
Smarter Collaboration
How to put the smarts into collaboration anywhere
Learn how to effectively leverage the right tech to achieve effective collaboration wherever you are.
Save your blushes and make great savings
Save your blushes and make great savings
Displays are the new smart controllers of the workspace.