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Security and Data Protection for the Digital World
Beastly Threats eGuide
Computer Hardware Security eBook: Defending Against Physical Threats
In this eGuide, we’ll look at physical security threats to which every computer – whether desktop PC, laptop or tablet – is vulnerable, and show you how to guard against them.

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Optimizing your Device Management Strategy
Optimizing your Device Management Strategy
As your workforce becomes increasingly mobile, device management becomes an even more critical pillar in your overall strategy. As you evolve your device management framework, consider new...
Developing Your Cloud Infrastructure
Developing Your Cloud Infrastructure
Like most organizations, you are already using the cloud to share files and backup data. We recommend an IMS strategy (Identify, Match and Secure), as you mature your cloud infrastructure: (1)...
Best Practices to Support Users Across Multiple Locations
Best Practices to Support Users Across Multiple Locations
Whether you're opening a new location or supporting remote users, it's up to IT to optimize workplace efficiency. Reliable endpoint devices and a robust remote management toolbox make it much easier.

Cloud Articles

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New thinking in the data centre
New thinking in the data centre
Lenovo cloud future
The Future of IT Professionals: Is Cloud Computing the End of IT?
Cloud computing is bringing sweeping changes to IT departments around the world. What does this mean for the future of IT professionals?
How to improve your operational efficiency
Using A VMWare vSphere Private Cloud to Improve Your Operational Efficiency
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