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Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing: Connecting Possibilities

Gain a smart edge in your enterprise digital transformation journey. Tap into the latest Lenovo solutions powered by the Intel vPro® platform and insights that are shaping the manufacturing landscape to drive new possibilities and opportunities.

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Intel vPro® platform

Windows 11

Windows 11 Pro is designed for hybrid work


Don't let technology slow you down

Are your endpoint devices holding you back?

Inadequate insights are an obstacle to informed decision-making

Your mobile workforce lacks devices and connectivity to enable their peak productivity

Product development lead times are too slow to meet customer needs

Discover how Lenovo is powering Industry 4.0 in manufacturing with innovative technology enhanced with built-in security.

Uncover new possibilities with Lenovo

Embrace the next evolution in Industry 4.0 and with Lenovo’s end-to-end portfolio of products, solutions, and services – designed to help you fully seize the potential that hybrid work brings to manufacturing.


Smart transformation made easy

As you embark on a Smart manufacturing journey, Lenovo is here to support you every step of the way. Discover how you can engineer a successful Smart factory of the future in five efficient steps.


Why Lenovo devices for manufacturing

Lenovo offers reliable and cutting edge technology, powered by the Intel® vPro® platform and Windows 11 Pro, to optimize manufacturing processes in smart factories.

From higher workforce productivity to better decision making through effective analytics, and faster product development, Lenovo’s business-boosting technologies can empower your future-ready workforce to stay productive, connected, and secure – wherever work happens.


Discover the ideal ThinkCentre to power your manufacturing workflows


Stay productive on-the-go with Lenovo’s ultra-portable laptops and tablets

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Push the limits of innovation for your Smart factory with Lenovo workstations

Talk to us to find out how Lenovo’s portfolio of solutions for manufacturers, powered by the Intel vPro® platform and Windows 11 Pro, can accelerate your Smart factory innovation.