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Elevate the customer journey

Lenovo OEM Solutions offer top-quality technology, design innovation and end-to-end services that support smarter customer experiences. Whatever sector you’re focused on – whether retail, hospitality, conferencing, healthcare, or anywhere else digital information solutions are needed – you’ll have a trusted partner that delivers advanced visual technology, cutting-edge compute, and reliable services and support so your customers can focus on standing out from the crowd.

Speed, power, and reliability everywhere


Store automation and intelligence

Enhance the customer experience while increasing operating efficiency with line busting solutions, cold chain management for minimized waste, and better inventory management and tracking.


Wayfinding, self-service kiosks & POS

Compact, powerful devices and solutions, with end-to-end integration and superior customer support. Ideal for remote or busy locations, where uninterrupted support is not nearby, and where uninterrupted availability is essential.


Real time information and smart shelves

Immersive displays & compact devices are easily integrated with specialized pricing systems and smart cameras. Optimized for round-the-clock reliability and a wide array of unique dimensions to fit any space.


Conferencing and collaboration

Large scale interactive displays and HD video walls require high performance media servers to deliver great user experiences. Lenovo OEM ensures seamless integration of hardware into your solution, plus real-time support from a trusted partner.

Hear from the experts

Enhancing customer experiences with smarter technology investment

Hear from Edward Doan and Filipe Ho as they discuss the advantages of the Google ChromeOS platform for digital signage solutions in business and partnership with Lenovo on the new Chromebox Micro.

Energizing the shelves: A fresh perspective

Join Jason Kay from IMS Evolve, as he discusses the critical importance of maximizing energy efficiency for food retailers to optimize operational costs.

A shared vision for growth

The global digital signage market size was estimated at USD 13.1 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.5% from 2022 to 2026.  Driving this growth is the desire to improve customer experience through investments in interactive and personalized digital signage. Also, an increased adoption of Edge computing for AI applications like inventory tracking and stock replenishment, price and promotion optimization, and demand forecasting. Lenovo continues to invest in smarter technology, creating solutions that are adaptable for deployments ranging from kiosks to intelligent shelving, dispensers, and interactive wayfinding.


Small form factor, big advantages.

The Lenovo Chromebox Micro is a new breed of Chromebox. An ultra-thin, lightweight media player, expertly engineered for a vast array of digital and interactive display solutions. Energy Star certification assures that energy efficiency standards are exceeded, reducing operating costs and demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.

Versatility and power with easy management

OEM Solutions provides an extensive turnkey portfolio of products and services to fit your needs across the board.


Small, rugged, and built to handle your business needs at the edge.

  • Power to aggregate and analyze real-time data from distributed IoT devices
  • Module support available for 4G or 5G
  • Extended temperature support from -20 to +60 Celsius

Extend OEM capabilities to ThinkSystem Rack Servers.

  • Flexible connectivity options
  • Simplified management through Lenovo XClarity
  • Suitable for demanding visual & processing applications

Powerful & Reliable ThinkStations designed to tackle heavy workloads.

  • Available in a variety of sizes to fit your solution
  • Intensive data processing for AI, machine learning, & extreme graphics processing
  • Exceeds leading ISV certification standards across industries
3rd Party Solutions

Vetted partnerships to offer a complete solution.

  • Instorescreen digital displays, shelves, and POS solutions
  • MobileDemand rugged cases, mounts, and scanners for tablets

The Crosswave Partner Program is built on Lenovo OEM, bringing you turnkey solutions that target the specific needs in your industry.

Discover how Crosswave could work for your business.


InstorescreenТМ display solutions powered by the robust, yet extremely small ThinkCentre desktops and ThinkEdge devices can drive up to 24 displays through our innovative inDaisy technology.


World-class service, worldwide

As your OEM partner, we back your solutions with a comprehensive suite of worldwide support services. Your customers have direct access to the support they need, and our global footprint ensures consistent delivery. We operate 51 contact centers across 165 countries, with 3,000 field service locations. You can sell your solutions without the additional commitment of providing service for the Lenovo elements of the solution.

Well-designed, reliable, and expertly powered OEM Solutions

These digital signage and visual solutions are all founded on our core principles of predictability, innovation and partnership. As digital signage and retail OEM partners, we offer extended lifecycle management with end-to-end solution integration, multi-level customization and product transition management. You will have a trusted partner with a legacy of quality and design innovation that has made us leaders in the PC market. And we back our solutions with superior services that lift the burden of support from you and deliver real peace of mind to your customers.


Let our innovation work for you

Get in touch to find out how Lenovo OEM Solutions can accelerate time to value for your digital signage and visual solutions, and help to establish valuable, sustainable customer relationships.

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