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Stay productive, however you’re working


of businesses become more successful when they offer flexible working practices that enable them to attract and retain top talent1.


Give your teams the tools and support they need, when they need it

Liberate your teams from time-consuming support and configuration tasks so that they can focus on the things that matter, like driving innovation and generating more revenue for your organization.

With a Lenovo Microsoft 365 solution, you’ll always be confident that you’re making the most of Microsoft 365’s powerful suite of productivity apps, communication tools and security offerings. Boost your productivity, protect your uptime, and defend against business-critical security events, all while keeping your costs to a minimum with one manageable monthly price.


Every year, an average of

545 hours

of productivity are lost due to IT outages2

With 24/7 Microsoft CSP Support via Lenovo, any issues are managed through a single point of contact with end-to-end case management. Your teams will be quickly back to being productive with the minimum possible downtime.

SMBs are seizing opportunities in the Cloud

With 2020 seeing many businesses switching to remote working, SMBs are embracing the power of cloud technology to manage their critical tasks and infrastructure.

Empowering collaboration, maintaining and improving productivity, and ensuring data and network security are all challenges that SMBs face in supporting their workforce. With Managed Cloud Services, SMBs can get the solutions they need to boost their productivity, defend their uptime and support collaboration, no matter where.


of cyber attacks target SMBs

A Lenovo Microsoft 365 solution offers you real-time protection, plus information and data loss prevention, to save you valuable time, while ensuring your data is always protected by the strictest security measures.


of SMB decision makers feeling vulnerable to these kinds of attacks3

Be confident your team is working in a safe and secure environment, with InTune, Microsoft threat protection, Azure and more, defending against cyber attacks, no matter where they’re working.

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