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Enabling a flexible workforce

Give teams tools to stay productive and secure working from anywhere

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logo intel evo core

Do more with less

Lenovo solutions powered by the Intel® Evo™ vPro® platform are built for what IT needs, and users want. Lenovo can help your teams work together without being together, keeping them productive and protected with cutting-edge cybersecurity and helping them succeed anywhere with Windows 11 Pro.

Productivity without complexity

We know you’re responsible for the output of vast numbers of people, but it doesn’t mean your infrastructure can’t be simplified and streamlined. In fact, by streamlining processes you not only improve your team’s output, but free yourself to focus on other areas.

5 Everything as a Service trends impacting employee experience

Mobility, performance and efficiency help your teams be productive anywhere, improving employee experience.

The future of work meets employee experience

Businesses are seeing a 5x return on employee experience (EX) investments while also attracting top talent.

Equip your workforce to thrive in a flexible future

Discover the devices and services Lenovo has to help you thrive in a flexible and collaborative future.

A simple approach to device management

63% of businesses are interested in a DaaS solution. The simplicity of a monthly fee is just the beginning.

Increasing collaboration

You need to connect large numbers of people from a variety of locations and ensure their collaboration is seamless. It’s not an easy task, but 85% of businesses are using specific collaboration tools to improve the productivity of their teams.

Solutions to power a smarter hybrid work world

80% of companies now consider it a strategic necessity to continue accelerating their digital transformation.

4 ways to put people first in hybrid work world

9 out of 10 organizations say employee experience (EX) is a strategic differentiator. Discover how to maximize it.

Creating the office of the (hybrid) future

87% of employees say being onsite is still important. See how to adapt your office to thrive.

Collaboration for a distributed workforce

45% of employees miss social interactions. Discover how to overcome this and still offer flexible working.

Make anyplace a collaboration place

97% of knowledge workers are using collaboration platforms. See how ThinkSmart solutions can power the future work of your teams.


Unleashing the productivity of deep work from anywhere

Deep work, otherwise known as being “in the zone”, leads to better productivity for individuals and teams.


Creating a culture of collaboration

Collaboration is no longer a choice – it’s a necessity. The good news is it can be applied throughout the business, and you can discover how to enable it.


Hybrid working environments podcast

Listen to a panel of experts share their insights and experience, and discover the power of quiet collaboration.

Enhance security

An estimated 71% of data breaches go undetected. And with teams working from anywhere with valuable data on company devices, this number will continue to rise. Lenovo can help you build a digital fortress, preventing breaches and giving you peace of mind.

2021 security report: The future of remote device management

There’ll be 4x more remote employees in the future. Discover how to stay ahead with cutting edge security.

Lock devices with layered security

Integrated, unified security is key to supporting your teams. Discover comprehensive solutions to defend devices.

Security is critical to the future of work

There’s 4x more remote devices than in 2019. These numbers will continue to climb and with them, security issues.

Flexible security to protect the workforce of the future

20% of remote workers have caused data breaches in 20% of organizations. Get holistic security with ThinkShield.

The future of work and a changing office routine

81% of workers say they’d be more loyal to a company offering remote flexibility. Are you set-up to succeed?

The workplace of the future needs future-ready security

Remote workers have caused a security breach in 20% of organizations. Evolve and thrive with ThinkShield security.

The future of work:
A global study

Lenovo’s new Future of Work study surveyed businesses around the world. We uncovered the insights you can use today to evolve and thrive.


Accelerating a modern workplace

Whether you want to scale your offering, or stay on top of IT anywhere with Windows 11 Pro, Lenovo has integrated solutions to enable modern IT.


Ensuring business continuity

Keep the business humming regardless of where your teams works from. Lenovo has the devices and solutions to reduce risk and downtime dramatically.

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